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New, perhaps vital and certainly interesting information:
- site history
- site present, or you might call it the instructions for use - very important!
- site future, perhaps the most important of all: your contribution is needed!

Back online: the Belgian tenors; the Ansseau page comes now with his discography, more information on his career and many new pictures. Further back online: Belgian tenors who left no records, including an entirely new page on Arnold; Belgian tenors active in the 19th century; plus the Belgian comprimarii.

I'm finally back at work on the website: the page on Nardelli has been entirely revamped. The formerly misfiled page on Carlo Bino has been relocated to the Italian section and enhanced with a short biography.
Running this website is unfortunately not my full-time job, although it could easily fill a full-time schedule... so progress is slower than what I'd wish it to be. Currently, I'm totally blocked for some months – the next uploads (it will be the Belgian tenors section) are only to be expected in March or early April 2019. But then, it's going to become better, and I'll steadily work on the website for almost the entire rest of the year. Stay tuned!

Two additional pictures of Bergman; a new and much better discography of Noval, who has been moved from the No Record to the Scandinavian section; the discography, filmography and additional pictures of Galliano Masini.

A new links page is online.

Back: the Scandinavian section, including the fantastic commented discography of Jussi Björling by Daniele Godor. Entirely new in that chapter: the pages on Niels Hansen and Poul Schmedes (both still prepared by François Nouvion but so far unpublished), on Pálsson and Vikström; short biographical notes on Blanc; updated discographies of Graarud and Ödmann. Also check the no record section for a few further Scandinavian tenors.

Two new Italian discographies: Del Monaco and Filippeschi.

Please re-check the no records section: a few names were erroneously missing from the index.

Italian additions: the voice, picture and discography of Roselli and Seri; a totally revamped page on Lugo, now with biography, discography and filmography, and with lots of new pictures; the picture and discography of Rocca; discography and additional pictures of Baroni; illustrated discography of Romeo Berti, plus his Esprits gardiens recording is now in correct pitch; revamped discography and additional pictures of Di Mazzei; discography and additional recording of Sembri; an additional recording of Valdarnini.

Back: Italian comprimarii; Italian 19th century tenors; and Italian tenors who left no records (all three now also organized by geographic and linguistic criteria, like the rest of the site).
Entirely new is a fantastic, incredibly exhaustive page on Cardinali, François Nouvion's last article for this site, almost completed on his death. The page on Del Corso has been totally revamped. Short biographical notes on Marciano have been added.

Second reloaded batch: Italian tenors, the largest of all sections.
Entirely new: the page on Comacchio as well as the (admittedly offbeat and most probably dispensable) pages on Carrisi and Taormina; plus the page still prepared (but not yet published) by François Nouvion on Oneto; further the picture, chronology, biography and discography of Zonghi; the picture, chronology and discography of Lanzirotti, Re and Vaccari; the discography and an additional recording of Cibelli; the voices of Gasparini, Lupato and Marletta; the voice and picture of Verso; the picture of Lega; the picture and discography of Malesci; updated discographies of Polverosi and Sorrentino; updated chronologies and discographies of Siroli and Taliani; as well as – in some cases just very short – biographical information on Angione, Caruso Jr., De Santis, Stefano Ferrari, Lamberti, Ragonese, Rocca, Spruzzola Zola, Stuarti and Zulian. Further, the page on Maggi has been revamped and contains now also his discography. Quite a lot of sound files have been corrected in pitch, notably those of Zaccari (who sounded, at the chosen transfer speed, much like a boy soprano) as well as several Di quella pira recordings that had been tuned up to high Cs that the respective tenors never had sung. Finally, the (incomplete) Nessun dorma recording by La Scola has been substituted by an extremely similar but complete version.

New page: contact and disclaimer.

The first section to be reinstalled is Asian tenors. In that section, you'll find the complete uploads of François Nouvion; new additions are the short biographical information on Deng and the pictures of Nakajima, Shin and Wu; completely new are the pages on Chang and Dai.

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