Sven-Erik Vikström

Sven-Erik Vikström sings Guillaume Tell: Ah Mathilde, in Swedish, with Erik Sadén
live 1967, Stockholm

When this recording was first posted on Historical Tenors, the tenor was thought to be Kolbjørn Høiseth. Then Stefan Johansson (Chefdramaturg Malmö Opera, 1997-2014 of the Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm) provided the following correction.
This is not Høiseth singing Arnold. Arnold is sung by the high lyric tenor Sven-Erik Vikström, a short buffo & tenorino, apart from his high notes hardly suited to the romantic hero. Heldentenor Høiseth, who also during his whole career performed character parts, was cast as Rodolphe, the henchman of Gessler, not heard in this duo. This can easily be proven in the Royal Opera Archive.
I would like to thank Stefan Johansson for the valuable information, and Daniele Godor for the recording.

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