Ernest Pike

1871 London – 4 March 1936 London

Ernest Pike sings Il trovatore: What voices of terror, with Alvena Yarrow
In RA format

Concert and record tenor who apparently never sang on stage. Nicknamed "England's most recorded tenor", he made about 2,400 matrices for G&T alone, plus unknown numbers for other companies... numbers that must have been large, anyway, as already the number of pseudonyms used implies: Herbert Payne, Harold Payne, David Boyd (a nom-du-disque also used by Harold Wilde!!), Arthur Brett, Cobbett, Eric Courtland, Arthur Gray (or Grey), Al(l)an Dale, Richard Pembroke, Jack Henty, Sam Hovey, Arthur Adams, Arthur Edward(e)s, Edgar Froome, Bernard Moss, Billy Murray, Charles Nelson and J. Saunders – it's always Pike!
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording.

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