Jules Gautier

Marseille July 18th, 1866 – 1951

Picture of Jules Gautier

Some appearances
Guillaume Tell, Lille, Municipal, on November 7 , 1899
Guillaume Tell, Liège, Théâtre Royal, on January 19, 1901 with Mme Bergès, Sarpe, Noté, Paty, Camain
Manon, Lyon, Grand Théâtre, on February 1907 with Mme Davray, Dubour, Bruinen
Guillaume Tell, Lyon, Grand Théâtre, during December 1907 with Berthe César, Gaidan, Silvain, Lafont
Guillaume Tell, Paris, Opéra, on August 10/24, 1908 with Yvonne Gall, Nuibo, Carbelly, Paty, Gresse, Busser
Guillaume Tell, Rouen, Théâtre des arts, on January 15/17, 1909 with de Perre/?, ?/Radoux, Roselly/?, ?/Meurisse
Guillaume Tell, Toulouse, Capitole, during January 1909 with Carbelly
Guillaume Tell, Genève, Grand Théâtre, during February 1909 with Mme Bardot, Codou, Boulogne, Kamm
Guillaume Tell, Amiens, Municipal, on February 26, 1909 with Valdor, , Allary
Guillaume Tell, Paris, Opéra, on August 13, 1909 with Yvonne Gall, Régis, Noté, Gresse, Paty, Busser
Guillaume Tell, Genève, Grand Théâtre, during November 1909, with Kate Cambon, Rouard, Kamm
Guillaume Tell, Paris, Opéra, on September 1, 1909 with Campredon, Régis, Noté, Gresse, Paty, Vidal
Guillaume Tell, Montpellier, Sou des écoles laïques, during March 1910 with Mme Lagarde, Planzelle, Noté
Guillaume Tell, Bordeaux, Grand Théâtre, during November 1910 with Mme Marcel, Carbelly, Meurisse, Delpany
Guillaume Tell, Paris, Opéra, on November 9, 1916 with Mme Gall, Lestelly, Huberty, Gresse, Chevillard
Rigoletto, Alger. Théâtre Municipal, on December 20, 1919 with Carrié Planquelle, Parayre, Mmes Martini, Chevrel
Guillaume Tell, Grenoble, Municipal, during April 1921 with Mme Lempers, Dangès, Blanquille, Kamm

Jules Gautier singsAida: Ô céleste Aïda
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Jules Gautie singsrSigurd: Esprits gardiens
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Jules Gautier singsLa favorite: Un ange, une femme inconnue
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Jules Gautier singsIl trovatore: Supplice infâme
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For years, and it continues, he has been mixed up with Paul Franz, whose real name was Franz Gautier, and many believed and still do that Jules Gautier is identical with Paul Franz.
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the picture.

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