Salvatore Licitra

born 10 August 1968 Bern into an Italian family – died 5 September 2011 Catania

Picture of Salvatore Licitra

Salvatore Licitra sings La forza del destino: snippet from Sleale! Il segreto fu dunque violato
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Salvatore Licitra sings La Gioconda: Cielo e mar
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Salvatore Licitra sings Il trovatore: Di quella pira 1
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Salvatore Licitra sings Il trovatore: Di quella pira 2
A Muti production... 'nuff said!
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Salvatore Licitra sings Turandot: Nessun dorma
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Licitra sings La forza del destino in Vienna
March 15th, 2008. Salvatore Licitra, who is Alvaro in the new Vienna Staatsoper production of La forza del destino, is quite certainly the worst pusher I've ever heard, not only on stage, but in my entire record collection included. He is not pushing like, say, Carreras, when he's getting into trouble (high notes, loud notes, high loud notes...). He is ALWAYS pushing. Middle register, low register, not to mention the upper register, loud notes, soft notes... the voice is so ill-placed, it's really hard to believe. It goes without saying that this "method" of singing leads to early exhaustion in a difficult part like Alvaro; and while one of the best features of this new production is that they're performing the usually omitted duet "Sleale! Il segreto fu dunque violato", it's doubtable whether this is REALLY an advantage if Licitra is singing. His top notes in this scene were not just, like the rest of his performance, bordering on the comical. They were actually arousing pity. Add his ungainly stage play, and you have a comic tenor par excellence. (In favour of the Staatsoper, it should be added that almost everybody else was way better in this production, even Zubin Mehta. Which is a proof that it wasn't that tough to be better than Licitra, either.)
Robert Schlesinger
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording (Gioconda) and review.
I wish to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the picture.

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