René Bergerioux

René Bergerioux started as a comprimario at the Opéra in Paris where he sang:
Parsifal (Chevalier, 1924), La naissance de la lyre (Satyre, 1925), Thaïs (Cénobite, 1926), Le chevalier à la rose (Laquais de Lercheneau, 1927), Le coq d'or (Boyard, 1927)

He was also a first tenor at the Monnaie in Bruxelles (seasons 1930/1, 1931/2), where he sang:

Tosca (Cavaradossi), Don Giovanni (Don Ottavio), Wozzeck (Le tambour major, first performance at the Monnaie on February 29, 1932 with L. van Obbergh, J. Lens, M. Demoulin, V. Mayer, J. Salès, H. Marcotty, H. Dognies, E. Deulin, G. Lamprenne, C. de Thoran for a total of 7 performances)

He also sang:

Antwerp, Opéra

Ghent, Opéra
Season 1930/1, guest
Season 1931/2, guest

Verviers, Opéra
Season 1927/8
Samson et Dalila on October 8
Pagliacci, on October 29
Faust, on March 15
Hérodiade, on December 1/8 with L. Bergé, D. Pauwels, Descols, Duthoit
Hérodiade, on February 2 with L. Bergé, D. Pauwels, Descols, P. Besnoit
Werther, on February 23 with D. Pauwels, E. Colonne, P. Benoist
Season 1928/29
Hérodiade, on October 11 with E. Deulin, Lemarchand, Descols, Yowanovitch
Hérodiade, on November 18 with E. Deulin, Lemarchand, Descols, L. Balconi
Aida, on November 29 with E. Deulin, Lemarchand, Descols, Yowanovitsch
Hérodiade, on February 10 with E. Deulin, Lemarchand, j. Descols, G. Laoureux
Hérodiade, on March 23 with E. Deulin, Lemarchand, F. Andrieu, G.Laoureux
Season 1929/30
Hérodiade, on January 16 with S. Storga, D. Pauwels, Tyrand, Barrault
Hérodiade, on January 26/March 23 with N. Bladet, D. Pauwels, Tyrand, Barrault
Les contes d'Hoffmann, on March 13
Louise, on April 3
Season 1930/31
Hérodiade on January 8 with S. Storga, S. Parys, R. de Lay, Demarche

He was the grand father of the balalaika player Micha Tcherkassky.
René Bergerioux sings Sous l'étendard
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the recording and notes.

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