André Perret

born 1890 Nîmes
Perret studied at the Paris conservatory with Guillamat und Saléza. He won the first prize during the yearly competiton at the conservatoire.

He was scheduled to make his debut at the Opéra-Comique in 1914, but had to go to war instead where he was twice wounded.

He made his debut only in 1920 in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, as a baritone. He sang with success in Geneva and Liège.

He switched to tenor one year later and became a member of La Monnaie until 1924. His repertory at the Monnaie included Duca, des Grieux, Otello, ....

He then joined the Paris Opéra.

He made guest appearances in Marseille, Béziers, Liège, Spa, Aachen, ...

Season 1921/22 La fille de Roland on October 7, 1921 as Gérald with Arnal, Carrier, Maudier, Decock, Chantraine, Smeets (i.e. Faniard), Robert, Vinck, Mme Helbronner, Mme Daryse, Corneil de Thoran (total 12); Boris Godunov on December 21, 1921 as Dimitri with Arnal, Boyer, Van Obbergh, Arnaud, Dognies, Mme Bergé, Ruhlmann (total 28)
Season 1922/23 Antar on November 19, 1922 as Antar with Roosen, Decok, Espirac, Mme Soyer, Mme Ballard, Mme Dalsma, Corneil de Thoran (total 12); La Victoire on March 28, 1923 as Acristos with Roosen, Espirac, Decock, Smeets (i.e. Faniard), Mme Bergé, Mme Prick, Mme Maréchal, Lélon, Molle (total 6)
Season 1923/24

He made his debut as Samson on July 5, 1923. In 1923, he sang Jean (Hérodiade); in 1924 Duca, Siegmund; in 1925 Mardochée (Esther), Roland (Esclarmonde); in 1926 Dimitri, Canio.

Season 1921/22
Season 1922/23
Season 1930/31
Season 1931/32
Reference Kutsch & Riemens
André Perret singsFaust: Salut, demeure

Columbia, October 10, 1925
WLX.18-2      Sigurd: Esprits gardiens                                          D15003
Disque Gramophone
BTR 3132 II   Werther: Je ne sais si je veille                                  4-32789  P748
BTR 3135      Werther: J'aurai sur ma poitrine                                  4-32790  P748
BT 4183 I     Manon: Et je sais votre nom (act 1)                               34357    P791
              with Marcelle Ragon
BT 4184 II    Manon: Ah! Parlez moi (act 1)                                     34358    P791
              with Marcelle Ragon
BT 4185 I     Manon: Eh quoi partir ensemble (act 1)                            34359    P792  
              with Marcelle Ragon  
30 cm
CTR 3133 II   Les huguenots: Plus blanche que la blanche hermine                032486  W 881
CTR 3134 I    Faust: Salut, demeure chaste et pure                              032487  W 881
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording.
I like to thank Christian Torrent for the discography.

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