Gaston Dehousse

Picture of Gaston Dehousse
Gaston Dehousse du Casino de Spa. He was one of the first singers to record traditional folk songs from Wallonie.

According to a newspaper ad that has meanwhile disappeared from the web, he was hired for a whole week, 3rd to 9th of October, 1924, to participate in a mixed program in the concert hall of a huge and famous Amsterdam café-and-restaurant. Strange to meet an opera singer in that context, and he actually was the only opera singer on the roster. The same ad said him to be tenor in Liège.

Gaston Dehousse singsTosca: Ô de beautés égales

Reneyphone, 1925?
2095at    Tosca: Le ciel luisait d'étoiles                                      F42609
2094at    Tosca: Ô de beautés égales                                            F42610
2098af    Werther: Pourquoi me réveiller                                        F42611
20991/2af Werther: Je ne sais si je veille                                      F42612
          Sigurd: Le bruit des chants s'éteint 
          Rigoletto: Qu'une belle                                               F42607

          Noël                                                                  F40201
          Le crucifix with Louis Lynel                                         F40201

In the liner notes of the Yves Becko collection issued by BN Belgium, Dehousse, 
ténor du Casino de Spa is listed as having recorded arias from Faust, Hérodiade, 
Werther, Si j'étais roi, Tosca,  La bohème, Cavalleria rusticana and Sigurd. 
His discography also contains airs and mélodies wallons: Lèyiz-me plorer, Tchantez, 
Djèniton, Li cariyon de palâsde (P. van Damme), Lu coq wallon (F. Gaillard), Li 
tchant dès Wallons (L. Hillier), Li meus des fleurs (C. De Vos) and So l'tombe 
di m'mère (Hannay).
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the additions to the discography.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the label, newspaper information and recording.

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