Michelangelo Verso

Picture of Michelangelo Verso

Michelangelo Verso sings Martha: M'apparì


Palermo- Arena delle Palme, Lucia di Lammermoor (Edgardo), 13 March 19, 1948 (first time)
Palermo- Arena delle Palme , Il barbiere di Siviglia, 17 June 1948
Palermo- Politeama Garibaldi, Lucia di Lammermoor (season 1949)
Palermo- Massimo, concert with Beniamino Gigli , 2 December 1949
Palermo- Massimo, Rigoletto (season 1950)
Bagheria, Odeon, Cavalleria rusticana, 1952
Trapani- Geisha, 1952
Muenchen, concerts for the NATO, from 17 January 1953 till 17 February 1953
Monreale- Imperia, concert with Maria Caniglia, 07 April 1953
on the ship Andrea Doria, several concerts, the first one on 15 July 1954
Pittsburgh, Syria Mosque, Il barbiere di Siviglia, season 1953/54
Mexico, Bellas Artes, concert, 21 September 1955

Many concerts, theatre, television and radio work in many cities such as:
New York (1953-1955)
Pittsburgh (1953-1954)
Mexico (1956-1957)
Havana (Cuba) (1956)
Bogotà – Cali (Colombia) (1958)
Lima (Peru) (1959)
Santiago de Chile (1959)
Guayaquil – Quito (Ecuador) (1959)
Mendoza – San Juan – Bahia Blanca – Buenos Aires – Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) (1960)
Rio de Janeiro – Porto Alegre – São Paulo (Brazil) (1960)
Montevideo (Uruguay) (1961)
Madrid – Barcelona (Spain) (1961)
Italy (many cities on tour) (1961-1963)
Yugoslavia (on tour) (1964)
Bulgaria (on tour) (1965)
Istanbul – Antalya (Turkey) (1965)
Czechoslovakia (on tour) (1965-1968)
Athens – Thessaloniki (Greece) (1965)
Nicosia (Cyprus) (1965)
Amsterdam and many other cities of the Netherlands (1966-1988)
Frankfurt (Germany) (1968)
Palermo (1988-1994)

Though Michelangelo Verso was a positively horrible singer, I wholeheartedly recommend, nonetheless, the endearing and interesting website about him that his son has compiled with reverence and great love. That website is also the source for the above picture and the recording.

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