Albert Watson

Apart from his discography, there is currently no information about Albert Watson – except that Polyphon called him, on their labels, "First Tenor at Windsor Castle".

Albert Watson sings Elijah: If with all your hearts

Albert Watson sings Die Schöpfung: In native worth


Edison Bell, London 1908
4150	The star of Betlehem (Adams)								Phona-Disc 287
4151	The holy city (Adams)
Polyphon, London 1913-02 24227 She is far from the land (Lambert) 5555 24229 Meet me by moonlight alone (Wade) 5555 Grammavox, London 1910–1915 2165 Semele (Händel): Where e'er you walk D-86, D-113 2166 Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Vesti la giubba D-87 2193 The Messiah (Händel): Comfort ye, my people D-128, Butterfly B255 2194 The Messiah (Händel): Every valley shall be exalted D-128, Butterfly B255, Fortune 1810 (as "Arthur Allen") 2195 Acis and Galathea (Händel): Love sounds the alarm D-129 2196 Acis and Galathea (Händel): Love in her eyes sits playing D-129 2219 Elijah (Mendelssohn): If with all your hearts D-144 2220 The creation (Haydn): In native worth D-144 2232 The miner's dream of home (Godwin) D-156 Reference: Michael Thomas' website
I wish to thank Anton Bieber for the recordings, label pictures and discography.

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