Augusto Balboni

Augusto Balboni was one of the creators of Le maschere. Not much is known about him. The following was found by Juan Dzazópulos in chronology books of several opera houses.
Balboni sang at the premiere of Mascagni's Le maschere  (17 January 1901) at the Teatro La Fenice (Venice),
the comprimario role of Brighella. The first tenor role, Florindo, was sung by Elvino Ventura.
Other members in the cast were soprano Maria Farnetti, baritone Giovanni Bellucci and bass Nestore della Torre.

In October 1906, Balboni sang in Lodz (Poland), Theatre Apollo, Pagliacci with Eulalia Santamarina, Enrico 
Pignataro and Paolo Filippini.

From November 1906  to July 1907, Balboni sang extensively in Russia, in Bidostok, Minsk, Kursk, Karkoff, Taskent. 

In February 1908, again in Lodz Pagliacci now with Lina Cavalieri, Iago Belloni and Vittorio Alfieri.

Balboni was in Italy in October 1908 singing at the Teatro Sociale in Gualtiere, Carmen, with Giuseppina Bonetti, 
Egidia Pizzioli and Sante Canali.

Early in 1909,  Balboni was engaged for a South American tour with the Andrea Schiaffino Opera Company:
Buenos Aires (Argentina)- Teatro Politeama
La traviata: Juanita Capella, Enrico De Franceschi (April)
Porto Alegre (Brazil)- Teatro Sao Pedro
Pagliacci: Malvina Pereira, Enrico De Franceschi (6 May)
La traviata: Malvina Pereira, Enrico De Franceschi  (9 May)
Later, performances in Pelotas and Rio Grande (Brazil)  (June-July)
Rosario (Argentina)- Teatro Nuevo Politeama
Season from July 27 to 30)
Rosario- Teatro Opera
Season from August 2 to 5
Montevideo- Teatro Solís
Carmen: Elisa Marcomini, Malvina Pereira, Enrico De Franceschi  (26 August)
Fausto: Juanita Capella, Enrico De Franceschi, Olindo Lombardi (bass)  (28 August)
Il barbiere di Siviglia: Gabriela Bernard, De Franceschi, Lombardi   (3 September)

Balboni must have returned to Europe in October 1909:
Parma- Teatro Reinach
La traviata: Eugenia Makaroff, Vittorio De Goetzen   (November)
Note: Eugenia Makaroff sang and recorded later as Eugenia Bronskaja.

In November 1909,  Balboni was back in Russia, singing Carmen in Kaunas at the Autumn 
Imperial Theatre and in December at the Winter Theatre in Poltava, Pagliacci with Giulietta
Battaglioli and Iago Belloni.

During 1910,  Balboni seems to have been very busy in Russia, singing in Minsk, Kazan, Oremburg, Baku 
and other cities.

In December 1914, Balboni sang at the Teatro Comunale in Terni, Pagliacci with Gemma Bosini, 
Michele De Padova and Ermanno Benedetti.

From 1916 to 1919, his activities seem to have been centred in Australia: Melbourne Princess Theatre,
Brisbane Royal Theatre, Wellington Grand Opera House, Adelaide Royal Theatre, Sidney Grand Opera House. 
His name appeared in Pagliacci, Carmen and Traviata performances but undoubtedly he
must have sung several other roles.
I wish to thank Juan Dzazópulos for the chronology of known performances.

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