Site updates

One last file update for the time being: the biography of Perotti.
Next to come are the Spanish and Portuguese speakers – a large chapter that will take time. Expect the upload at some point in summer (2024, of course).

Last letter of this round of updates: I. New features are:
- pages on Ichihara, Igarashi and Infeld
- the picture, biography and updated discography of Isalberti
- the picture and (first-time ever) biography of Izar
- the biographies of Infantino, Innocenti and Íslandi
As always, please don't forget to check the search list regularly.

More updates: letter T, this time. We now have:
- pages on Takada, Talrick (or Trosselli, first ever biography, worth reading), with much updated Arnold chronology, Tao, Gianluca Terranova and Thompson
- the voice and picture of Trentini
- the voice, picture and updated biography of Taya (recommended)
- the voice of Gino Taddei
- additional recordings, with label scans, of Tamini
- the picture, biography and (new) discography of Tegonini
- the pictures and biographies of Tear, Tobin, Todorov, Todorovich, Tornesi and Tuzzo (one of the big tenor mysteries solved, much recommended!)
- the picture of Taormina
- the biographies (or updated biographies) of Ferruccio Tagliavini, Talembert (first ever biography, a major effort), Talazac, Tamagno, Tei, Tesca, Robert Thomas (US), Robert Thomas (Wales), Thomas-Salignac, Tocchio, Todaro, Todisco, Traverso (another first-ever biography, and another major enterprise), Treleaven (worth reading), Treston, Tucker, Tudare (painfully rudimentary), Turp and Turrini
- no biography, just a few tentative guesses on Henri Thomas
- the updated discographies of Titterton and Turrini
A few additions also beyond T:
- pages on Lapin and Li (one of the most spectacular uploads in a long time, much recommended for both vocal and historiographical reasons)
- additional pictures of Pustelak and Sattler
- additional recordings (plus label scans) of Ferruccio Giannini and Volpi
- a new, much improved biography of Zampighi
- and a beautiful label scan of Galand

Updates and completions of old files, letter G, which comes now with:
- pages on Gallos, Alma Gluck, Goeke and Grundén
- a completely new page on Gambardella, now with his voice and biography
- the voice of Giffin
- the voice, biography and picture of Giraudeau
- the voices and biographies of Garcia, Gouttebroze and Grimaldi
- several additional recordings and the biography of Beniamino Gigli
- an additional recording, the biography and updated discography of Gasperini
- additional recordings of Franz Gruber
- the picture, biography and updated discography of Genzardi
- the pictures and biographies of Galand (first ever biography), Gavarini, Giannini (the biography is a major research effort that includes three other tenors besides Ferruccio, all called Giannini), Enrico Giordani, Gipali, Goffin, Granal, Grünfeld and Guggia
- the pictures of Gallia, Giriat, Glushakoŭ, Glynne, Golik, Gougaloff and Grobe
- the biographies and updated discographies of Garbin, Garuti, Gautier, Gibert and Salvatore Giordano (recommended)
- the biographies of Galié, Gallins, Garbin, Gardes, Gardoni, Gatto (first ever biography), Gaudenzi, Gedda, Genin, Génio, Gentilini, Giacomini, Marcello Giordani, Fiorello Giraud, Girod, Gismondo, Giuglini, Glantz, Gonzaga, Gould, Grani, Graveure (much recommended), Grégoire (first ever biography), Grilli, Groves, Guasco and Gueymard
- the updates discographies of Galbiero, Gilberti, Gilion, Godono, Graarud and Guardabassi

The Dutch tenors are back.
New in this formerly particularly incomplete chapter:
- pages on Blanken, Brand, Geest, Gobets, Goedhart, Handerson, Kempen, Mantgem, Meens, Miedema, Moes, Reijans, Rogmans, Tulder
- the voices and biographies of Kesteren, Post and Zalm
- an additional recording, the picture and the biography of Delamboye
- an additional recording and the biography of Vries
- the pictures and biographies of Hendrik Drost, Hens
- the picture and completed discography of Reinhardt
- the biography and discography of Tijssen
- the biographies (or amended biographies) of Aken, Appels, Daalen, Goldsteen (aka Dornay), Kaart, Larsen (his first-time ever, if rudimentary biography), Ridder, Urlus, Vos and Vroons

Beyond the Dutch singers, we have pages on Bischoff, Braun and Störring, and additional recordings of Pacal and Zohsel.

Last not least, please don't forget to check the search list time and again.

A (not entirely) personal matter

When I took this site over, it was meant as a hobby; but soon, it became clear that if I want to ever see this task completed, it's way too time-consuming for a hobby. And so I've been working almost full-time on it for about six years now.

A full-time, but of course unpaid work; with some older investments, and the occasional return into my former job, I was able to afford it. But in the aftermath of the corona crisis, with the soaring inflation that plagues Europe, this setup is no longer sustainable, and I'm short of about 17'000 Euros per year. This is going to eat up my savings in the foreseeable future.

Now I'm fully aware that my own personal survival is of no concern to any of the users of this site; but it's inextricably linked with the future of Historical Tenors. So if you want this tenor encyclopedia to live on, please donate whatever you can; every amount, small or big, will be very welcome.

More C: Ciniselli and Cloërec-Maupas, additional recordings with label scans.

Next updated letter: C, with a great many additions:
- new on the site: Cathcart, Charat (with enhanced Arnold listing), Chung, Chyshko, Corazza, Cornwell, Covey-Crump and Crook
- the voices and biographies of Carrino, Clark and Cougé
- the voices of Ceccarelli, Cordy and Cremonini
- the recording of Castiglione now in correct pitch
- the revamped disco- and biography, the picture and an additional recording of Cloërec-Maupas
- an additional recording, the amended discography and biography of Cilla
- an additional recording and the picture of Cathelat
- an additional recording and the biography of Crooks
- an additional recording and the updated repertory of Claudel
- an additional recording and the updated discography of Chamlee
- the updated discographies of Cammarota, Castellani, Cesarani, Ciaroff-Ciarini, Cibelli, Ciccolini, Ciniselli and Cunego
- pictures and biographies (or enhanced biographies) of Campagnano, Carrara, Carron, Mariano Caruso, Catani, Cazette, Cesarini, Cestari, Cigoj, Cochran, Coltham, Consuma, Corpait and Corradi
- the picture and completed discography of Capitaine
- the pictures of Campolonghi, Carrisi, Enrico Caruso jr., Cassilly, Chanev, Chuprynnikov, Cordes-Dermota and Cornubert
- many pictures, the discography and biography of Colombo (worth reading)
- the biographies and discographies (or discography updates) of Cartica, Cossira and Cristalli
- the biographies (or amended biographies) of Cadiou, Callio, Campagnola, Campanini, Campora, Candidus, Capoul, Carangelo, Carbonell, Carlin, Carlino (funny somehow), Carrère, Enrico Caruso, Casale, Casavecchi, Casellato, Castellana, Castle, Caves, Cayssials (first ever biography), Cazauran (another first ever biography, long read but highly recommended), Cazenave, Cecchele, Chang, Chollet, Ciabrini, Ciannella, Cioni, Clément, Coates, Comacchio, Cometti (interesting!), Conroy, Corelli, Cossutta, Cucuccio, Cupido and Curzi
- the biography and enhanced Arnold listing of Caujolle
- no biography, just a few rather helpless guesses on Cardona
- similar guesses, plus an additional recording of Cazano
As a by-product of my C research, we have now a pretty complete account of the so far mysterious career of Rocca, and a snippet on the even more mysterious biography of Orliac
And totally unrelated to C, Werner is new on the site.

Updates of incomplete old files, letter Z:
- the biographies of Zambon and Zenatello
- the picture and amended biography of Zulian
- the pictures of Zakharov and Zambruno
- the picture and updated discography of Zocchi
- the picture and updated discography and chronology of Zunino
- and last not least, Zhang is new on the site.
Other than that, we have now a page on Rondelet and another recording, with label scan, of Lutze.

The Greek speakers are back. Novelties in this formerly already rather complete chapter:
- pages on Baxevanos and Talantopoulos
- the pictures and biographies of Krionas, Petropoulos, Stellakis, Terzakis and Trogadis
- the picture and amended biography of Liontas
- the biographies of Delendas, Kourousopoulos, Lappas, Papulkas and Petrakis
- the amended biographies of Kampanis and Milona

Next chapter will be the Greek speakers, and in advance of that, we have now the picture of Ferendinos.

Last letter for this round of enhancements of old files: W. It now comes with:
- pages on Wendon and White
- the voice of Weynandt
- the pictures and biographies of Weaving, Wicart and Widdop
- a new and better picture of Spas Wenkoff
- biographical information on Felix Wagner, Wall (much recommended!), West (a proper biography substituting the PR text that was on the site before), Westi, Winbergh and Wu
- the enhanced biography and discography of Watson
- the biography and much enhanced repertory of Warot
- the updated discographies of Wallnöfer, Raoul Walter and Fritz Windgassen

The next letter for which all old files have been completed and updated is R.
New features:
- a page on Rolfe Johnson
- the biography, picture and enhanced discography of Rambaud
- biography, additional picture and additional recording of Ruhl
- the voices and biographies of Regnier, Riccardi and Romani
- an additional recording, with label scan, of Radaelli
- the pictures and biographies of Raffanti, Raynor (now with enhanced sound file), Reina, Renzi, Reynes, Roland, Rouquetty, Rufo and Ruohonen
- the pictures (or additional pictures) of Razavet, Reece, Reinecke, Régis, Reja, Righi Briani (with a few new biographical facts), Rödin (with corrections to the biography), Romagnoni, Roppa, Rosenberg, Rossi, Roussel and (a new picture substituting the unsatisfactory old one) Russitano
- the enhanced biography and discography of Rizzini
- the biographies of Rabanit, Gianni Raimondi, Ranck, Ravelli, Reeves, Renier, Richard, Richards, Roger, Rosén and Rosvaenge
- no biography, just scarce information on Rota
- the enhanced discography of Rijavec
Plus we have an additional recording, with label scan, of Vergnes.
As always, please don't forget to check the search list every now and then, there are regularly new entries.

Smallest batch of updates: the Y tenors, now with:
- pages on Yamaji and Alexander Young
- the biography of Yonezawa, with an additional picture
- the pictures and enhanced biography of Yacazzi
Other than that, we have now also a page on Seydel.

Next updates and completions: the P files. They now include:
- pages on Padmore, Partridge, Perulli, Pfann, Pomeroy, Potter and Price
- the voice, picture and biography of Alessandro Procacci
- pictures, biography and discography of Planel
- additional recordings, with label scans, of Pták and Purkrábek
- the pictures and biographies of Palombi, Pálsson, Park, Pasquale, Pirino, Pittas, Planinšek, Pontiggia and Giuseppe Procacci
- the picture and a new discography of Gaetano Pini-Corsi
- the pictures of Patterson, Pike (better a bad one than no picture at all), Umberto Pini-Corsi, Polozov and Potts
- the biographies and new discographies of Pauwels and Pezzuti
- the biographies of Parly, Pastine, Pavarotti, Pears, Peerce, Pelizzoni, Penno, Piccaluga, Picchi, Poggi, Polverosi, Ponchard, Prandelli, Prevedi, Pujol and Py
- no biography, but a few guesses on mystery tenor Portelli
- the updated discographies of Pagani and Pollicino

Other than that, we have yet another recording of Berini as well as additional recordings of Bloch, Ladis, Leliwa, Charles Harrison and Streitmann (all with label scans).

The Polish tenors are back online, including one from the 19th century, one comprimario and a few who made no records; we have lots of new stuff:
- pages on Bernardo Bernardi, Preis (much recommended!), Rothmühl (with the possible sensation of two Rothmühl recordings!) and Soszka
- the voices and (first or updated) biographies of Ardelli, Bandrowski, Piotr Kusiewicz, Pawlus and Simberg
- the biography, picture and an additional recording of Cerini
- additional recordings, with label scans, of Berini and Dygas
- the pictures and (updated or entirely new) biographies of Belina-Skupiewski, Drzewiecki and Orzelski
- the new biographies and updated discographies of Alma and Ladis
- the biographies (or updated biographies) of Andrzejewski, Beval, Granowski, Gruszczyński, Karczykowski, Moshe Koussevitzky, Ochman and Porębski
- new, up-to-date reminiscences on and a picture of Beczała
- the updated discography of Leliwa
- a new picture of Pustelak replacing the really lousy old ones
- and the page on Oreshkevych comes now with his pictures and biography, but has been moved to the Ukrainian section, where he belongs.

New on the site: Bersellini.
Additional recordings, with label scans, of Hübner and Jaume.
A Caffetto recording (Faust) at much corrected speed.

Further additions: recordings and label scans of Schütz and Štork; a Sardet label scan.

One more updated letter: L, particularly incomplete so far. New on the site:
- pages on Langridge, Lavender, Yonghoon Lee, Lenoty, David Lloyd (the US-American of the two tenors thus named) and Lollini
- the voice, biography and an additional picture of Jeong-Won Lee
- the voice, biography and updated discography of Laholm
- the voice and biography of Lilty
- remarkable additional recordings, with label scans, of Lemeshev, Löhe and Ludwig
- pictures (part of them substituting lousy old ones) and biographies of Lamberti, Laconi, Lanni, La Scola, Lauri-Volpi, Leech, Lefèvre (who has also been moved where he belongs, into the Non-Tenor-Zone), Legay, Lennartsson, William Lewis, Limarilli, Loforese, Jerome Lo Monaco, Lopardo, Lotrič and Luchetti
- the pictures of Ladéroute, Lakes, Lane, Lapelletrie, Laut, Lawrenz, Legrand, Lindroos and Lupato
- the biographies of Henry-Laurens (an L tenor under quotation marks: so far, he has been filed under L, following the common but wrong assumption that his name was Jean-Henry Laurens, while he was in fact Jean Henry-Laurens), Labò, Laffitte, Laho, Lamont, Landi, Lanjac, Lanza, Lassalle, Lazzari, Lega, Lens, Lesens, Richard Lewis, Liccioni, Licitra, Edward Lloyd, Loesebergh, Lombardo and Lunardi
- updated discographies of Lafarge, Lenghi-Cellini, Lheureux and Longobardi

Next letter for which all old files have been updated is H. We now have:
- the picture, biography and updated discography of Hérent
- the voice and pictures of Ole Hansen
- the voice and biography of Houbrechts
- the voice of Hémon
- the pictures and biographies of Hagegård, Hamlin, Handt, Hargreaves (first biography ever!), Hirst, Holland, Hyde and Hymel
- the pictures of Hanek, Hollinshead and Hybinette
- the biographies (some entirely new, some updated) of Hadley, Harness, Thomas Harper, John Harrison, Haskin, Hémery, Hendriksen, Heppner, Herold, Heseltine, Hindermyer, Hislop, Hugues
- the updated discography and some biographical information of Haxthausen
- a new discography and updated biography of Niels Hansen
Please don't forget to have a look into the search list every now and then, there are new entries.

The J files have been corrected and completed. They now come with:
- the pictures and biographies of Jakushenko, Jenkins, Karl-Olof Johansson (the link to his baritone recording will, like all such links, remain inactive as long as the Tenors in Disguise section has not been reinstalled) and William Johns
- new or amended biographies of Jagel, Jaia, Jelačin, Jérôme, Kristján Jóhannsson, Johnson, Johnston and Jovanović
- new or updated discographies of Jaume and Jouatte

A new picture of Hershman (the former showed his brother, not him), along with a picture of his tomb, putting an end to the speculations on his date of death.

The Czech and Slovak speakers are back, including 19th century, No record and comprimario singers.
New features in that chapter:
- a page on Macha
- an entirely new page on Dalibor Novotný
- the picture, biography and updated discography of Berlík
- the pictures and (new or enhanced) biographies of Drvota, Miroslav Dvorský, Hübner, Kobela, Kopp, Šindler, Ulrych and Zavřel
- the voice and biography of Horal
- the biography and an additional recording of Slezak
- the (either entirely new or rewritten) biographies of Blaho, Breslik, Frydlewicz, Jeník, Kovář, Krössing, Kubla, Lukes, Marák, Margita, Papp, Přibyl, Pták, Purkrábek, Schütz, Spisar, Švejda, Tichatschek, Vích, Vojta, Wildbrunn, Zahradníček and Žídek
- new pictures, replacing the miserable old ones, of Hruška, Pácal and Tomš (for the two latter, we also have new biographies)
- updated discography and chronology of Štork
- Arnold entries on Figar, Floriański, Kubla, Masák, Theodor Schütz and Vávra

This year's season greetings come from our incredibly generous contributor Anton Bieber and from Erich Schröter, respectively.
Other than that, we have Bobrov new on the site, and Jan Novotny has been moved where he belongs, to the German section (now with biography).

A few recent contributions and finds:
- new on the site: Espiritu, Lloyd-Chandos, O'More and Simonsen
- the voice and discography of Moutia
- additional recordings, most with label scans, of Haberl, Henke, Johnston, Reed Miller and Tkachenko
- much improved transfers of the Myszuga recordings
- catalog scans re Kalenberg and Tamagno

For one more letter, B, all incomplete old files have been updated and corrected. We now have:
- new tenors on the site: Badà, Beck (much recommended), Bergell, Bostridge and Bottone
- completely updated pages on Bari and Brun, now with their voices and pictures
- the biography, pictures and updated discography of Borracelli
- pictures of Balboni, Balestro, Baranauskas-Baras, Bartolotta, Bergerioux, Bolton, Bonanome, Gino Bonelli, Bonneval, Richard Burke and Tom Burke
- pictures and (new or updated) biographies of Baillie, Baratti, Beddoe, Belugin, Bello (a new picture substituting the lousy old one), Berdini, Berov, Marco Berti, Romeo Berti, Bertoli, Bianchi, Bilodeau, Jussi Björling, Lars Björling, Raymond Björling, Bohrer, Bonev, Booth, Bonoldi, Bordogni, Bosio, Botha, Bouet, Braschi, Brownlee, Burrows and Buti
- the voices and biographies of Battaglia, Bowen and Brajnik
- the voice, additional pictures and amended biography of Bontempi
- the voices of Fritz Birrenkoven and Broccardi
- additional picture and additional recording (with label scan) of Bollmann
- additional recordings of and (scarce) biographical information on Béal
- new or updated biographical information on Baldelli, Ballo, Bandini, Banuls, Bardini, Baroni, Barrès, Bartolini, Baucardé, Bécourt, Beets, Begley, Bensa, Bergman, Bergonzi, Berkeley-Steele, Raymond Berthaud, Bertocci, Bettini, Beyron, Bini, David Björling, Gösta Björling, Olle Björling, Rolf Björling, Blake, Blanc, Bondino, Bonisolli, Borsò, Botiaux, Augustus Braham, John Braham, Breda, Breviario, Bricoult, Brignoli, Brilioth, Brogi, Bru, Brunner, Bulgarelli and Burles
- the biography and updated discography of Borgioli
- picture and updated discography of Bockmann
- the updated discographies of Bassi, Berghorn, Beyle, Bolis, Bolz, Heinrich Bötel, Braglia and Breuer
As a by-product of my B research, we now also have the picture and amended biography of Stefanov.
And please: don't forget to have a look at the search list – a lot of B material is still missing.

Completely new on the site: Anton Arnold and Lippert-Schroth.
The voices of Giuseppe Sinatra and Siroli.
Additional recordings, partly with label scans, of Alberti, Cesarani, Frosini and Wittrisch.
Pictures of d'Arkor's Mignon album.

Back online: the Non-Tenor Zone, with either rare or funny material from other vocal keys. It now contains a page on Giusti, a thorough discussion of the anonymous 1903 recordings attributed to Cotogni (with several new sound files), the biographies of Casini, Walter Fink, Svéd and Zaremba, the biography and picture of Stecchi, the picture of Shore, biography, picture and an additional recording of Sinjavskaja, and the voices and pictures of Maero and Manikas. Also, don't miss the great comparison of Il Grande Inquisitor recordings – 45 of them, so far. And last not least, a spin-off of this section is a new entry on Quasthoff in Secret Tenor Dreams.

New feature on the site: a search list, where I'm calling for specific contributions of material that I'm not otherwise able to find.

The next letter where all incompletion and imperfection has been smoothed out as far as possible is S. We now have:
- new on the site: Sancovy, Savchenko, Serge, Shibata, Sjøberg and Enzo Stampa
- the voice and picture of Sola
- additional recordings (with label scans) of Sattler, Schipa, Schramm, Schubert (great stuff!) and Sirota
- an additional recording plus updated discography of Schott
- the pictures and biographies of Sabbatini, Scarlini, Sebastian, Sénéchal, Signoretti, Siragusa, Slatton, Roy Cornelius Smith and Svendsen
- the pictures and updated discographies of Sardet and Poul Schmedes
- the biographies and updated discographies of Saint-Cricq and Salvaneschi
- the picture of Silver
- biographical information on Sabatucci, Sala, Saldari, Saléza, Salvarezza, Salvi, Sartori, Savastano, Scano, Scaramberg, Schiøtz, Scopinich (first biography ever!), Scuderi, Secco, Sellier, Seri, Shicoff, Shin, Siboni, André Simon, Simoneau, Sirera, Sirkiä, Siroli, Skelton, Robert Dean Smith, Söderström, Stagno, Stefanov, Steny, Sterkens, Stevens, Stjernqvist, Stockman, Striny, Sullivan and Svetlev
- the updated chronology and discography of Sangiorgi
- the updated discographies of Sabatini, Santini, Spivak and Swolfs.

Historical Tenors has now even an Instagram account, another contribution by my wife Evelyn Dawid. Content is strictly going to be different from our Facebook account: on Instagram, each post will be triggered by an opera performance that we've recently attended, with links to historical interpreters of the respective tenor role, usually on this website obviously.

New on the site: Costa, Edmay, Kurz-Stolzenberg and Marny.
The voice and biography of Armandi (highly recommended!).
The voice of Dran.
The biography of Kaluzhskij.
Additional recordings (with label scans) of Muratore, Gerlach-Rusnak, Rogatchewsky, Poul Hansen, Fujiwara, Jöken, Kuttner, Kutzner, Lieban, Maikl, Meister, Philipp, Tauber and Johnson.
Additional pictures and an additional recording of Bernhard Bötel.
Additional pictures of Groh, Krebs, Soot, Talén, Wolfgang Windgassen and Wittrisch.
An interview with Doussant.
The Teatro Colón appearances of Landi and Trantoul.

An enormous number of older pages need updates so as to meet the standard of the more recently uploaded sections. I'm going to do that letter-wise, and since the V files were, for some unknown reason, particularly incomplete, that's the letter by which I'm starting. We now have:
- new on the site: Velis, Versalle and Vrenios
- the voice and picture of Vogliotti
- the voice and biography of Vilary
- the (new or updated) biographies of Vaguet, Valdarnini, Valletti, Van der Heyden, Van Dyck, van Vrooman, Velasco, Vendittelli, Ventris, Aristide (or Tito) Venturini, Verbeeck, Vercammen, Verdier, Vergnes, Verkerk, Vernay, Verona, Veronelli, Verso, Vertechi, Viala, Vickers, Claudio Villa, Villaret and Vonna
- the pictures, biographies and updated discographies of Valente and Verdière
- the pictures and biographies of van der Walt, van Hoose, Vanni, Ventura, Venturi, Verreau, Vikström, Eduardo Villa and Voli
- the pictures of George Vincent, Heinrich Josef Vincent and Volpi
- the biographies and updated discographies of Vallade and Vezzani
- the updated discographies of Venerandi, Emilio Venturini and Voltolini
So the V files are now as complete as I'm currently able to make them; of course, if anybody has the slightest bit of information on Vaillant, Venezia, Venturi, Verkerk or Villefort, or pictures of Vallade, Veljashev-Svetlanov, Aristide Venturini, Vitti, and again Venezia, Verkerk and Villefort – don't fail to show up!

Another round of typo corrections has been completed (thousands of typos, literally). A few more visible improvements come with it: biography updates of Ferrara, Solman and Zdravkov as well as a new picture of Sevastyanov substituting the unsatisfactory old one.

The German speaking tenors are back online, including several singers from the 19th century, some who made no records, and a lot of comprimari.
It contains now plenty of material not previously on the site:
- pages on Bader, Holm, Jung, Herold Kraus, Krebs, Siegmund Krauß, Horst Laubenthal, Lippert, Pfeifle, Christoph Prégardien, Julian Prégardien, Schager, Wolfgang Schmidt, Siewert, Paul Stampa (with the transcription of what is perhaps the rarest commercial record so far on this website), Stolze and Winckelshoff
- almost new pages on de Luca, Günther-Braun, Matthéi (with his first biography ever, a major undertaking, based on his personal archive, plus many pictures and additional recordings), Senius (including a picture that really shows him, as opposed to the one previously on the site that probably showed his brother, an operetta baritone), Soot, Streitmann and Raoul Walter
- the voices and biographies of Peter L. Anders, Böhm, Fink, Fleischer, Garris, Franz Gruber, Laufkötter, Minten, Päckl, Petter, Albert Schott, Gerhard Unger and Wohlfahrt
- the voice and wobble of Steinhoff; additional recordings of Suttheimer (the last of the great tenors) and of Witt
- additional recordings and the (new or updated) biographies of Gustav Walter and Ziegler (most of the recorded output of this exceptional and completely forgotten tenor is now available on his page)
- the pictures and biographies (or biography updates) of Bloch, Brenneis, Brussmann, Buff-Gießen, Bühner, Decker, Eschert, Franter, Fritz, Fügel, Glawitsch, Greverus, Hadwiger, Willy Hofmann, Hopferwieser, Kasper, Klarmüller, Klarwein, Kmentt, Köstlinger, Kötter, Kozub, Krotthammer, Kuen, Kuttner, Kutzner, Leiseifer (the story of his life is almost too good to be true), Lenz, Lichtenstein, Liebl, Löhe, Meyer-Welfing, Niemar, Nocker, Ostertag, Philipp, Prikopa, Ritzmann, Saccà, Schachtschneider, Schaefer (plus Arnold listing), Schlitzer, Schneider, Schrödter, Tänzler, Vantin, Wottrich and Wunderlich
- the biographies (or updated biographies) of Aldenhoff, Altglass, Alvary, Peter Anders, Anthes, Bary, Bassermann, Kurt Baum, Herbert Becker, Beirer, Bensing, Franz Birrenkoven, Bockmann, Borgmann, Bernhard Bötel, Heinrich Bötel, Breuer, Briesemeister, Brussmann, Calli, Cordy, Erb, Esser, Fehenberger, Feiersinger, Fendt, Fidesser, Formes, Friedrich, Geisler, Goltz, Gritzinger, Gröbke, Ernst Gruber, Grüning, Haefliger, Haller, Carl Hartmann, Hensel, Hofer, Peter Hofmann, Hofmüller, Hopf, Hoppe, Horn, Hülgert, Jörn, Kalenberg, Katz, Kaufmann, Kirchhoff, Kirchner, Klein, Knote, Koblitz, Fritz Krauss, Kretschmer, Kruse, Lehmann, Löltgen, Lussmann, Maikl, Felix Müller, Georg Müller, Peter Müller, Neubert, Niemann, Oppenheim (another fantastic life story!), Pabst, Patzak, Peter, Pietsch, Pistor, Pölzer, Pries, Reiss, Joseph Schmidt, Schock, Schreier, Schunk, Späni, Suthaus, Taubmann, Treptow, Uhl, Georg Unger, Heinrich Josef Vincent, Vogt, Wehofschitz, Wittrisch and Zimmermann
- the pictures of Färbach, Frey, Haberl, Heydrich, Hollweg, Jöken, Kerl, René Kollo, Krämer, Lustig, Majkut, Markwort, Nachod, Schüller, Schwarz, Schwer, Wernigk, Winkler, Wirl and Witting; new pictures of Bollmann, Landau, Seiffert and Trostorff as a replacement for the lousy old ones; additional pictures of Haak-Fleischer and Meister
- the biographies and discographies of Batz, Fritz Birrenkoven and Tamini (the first reasonably complete Tamini biography ever, very interesting)
- the (new) discographies of Sembach and Wagner.
Due extraordinary update: a clarification on the fact that Russian and Ukrainian speaking tenors form one section on Historical Tenors, and that this site structure is not at all meant to support the felonious Russian policy towards Ukraine.
Last round of updates before I tackle the German speaking tenors:
New tenors: Holynskyj, Pshenichnyj, Rekalo and Ruban.
Additional recordings (many with label scans) of Glushakoŭ, Helder, Schmitt-Walter, De Bernardi, Ederle, Chamlee and MacEwan.
The German section will hopefully be uploaded by the end of March, but don't be surprised if it's going to be April (I wouldn't be surprised, either).

New tenors on the site: Gwynne Davies, Lambert, Vincent, Ottoson, Schweback (with Arnold listing), Grigolo and Massimo Giordano. New pages on Aretha Franklin and Mireille Mathieu (no kidding) as well as on Schmitt-Walter.
The voices of Grégoire (with rudimentary biographical information), Robert Lassalle, Baldelli and Lamy.
Additional recordings (mostly with label scans) of Vinogradov (quite spectacular stuff), Smirnov, Khromchenko, Vostrjakov, Rambaud, Louis Berthaud, Ciccolini, De Gregorio, Tedeschi, Cecil, Cheetham and Stockman.
A label scan of Gonet.

The biography and voice of Chardy, which is also an appropriate upload for the current season. Joyeux Noël!
New on the site: Mikas Petrauskas.
New pictures of Laber and his tomb. The picture and additional recordings of Perret; picture, biography and an additional recording of Tirmont. The corrected biography of Sloman.
The biography and additional pictures of Doussant; an additional picture of Jess Thomas.

New on the site: Plamondon and Williamson. The voice and biography of Poul Hansen (finally!). Additional recordings (with label scans) of Rijavec, Blaimont, Lheureux, Talén, Louis Berthaud and Lapelletrie.
Over the next few weeks, I'm going to divert myself (and you) with the occasional addition; the next large upload will be the German speaking tenors, to be expected in March 2022.

More Baltic tenors (many of them for the sake of completeness and/or rarity rather than for artistic value): Ani, Baltiņš, Montvidas, Peep (recommended), Poriņš, Tunce, Vanags (recommended), Vasiljevs, plus one who made no records: Jēkabsons.
The next batch of the old "East European" section is back in more manageable format: the Baltic tenors, including a few comprimari. This is a very particular chapter: in those tiny three countries, we're coming pretty close to our utopian aim of representing really every tenor; closer than in any other chapter.

Other than those singers that were already on the old website (the story of Arensen/Aresoni is still one of the funniest and weirdest singer biographies I've ever come across), we have now also pages on Bērziņš, Česas, Eesmaa, Haabjärv, Jürna, Kaasik, Ants Kollo, Kõrts, Mägi, Malmsten, Otto, Sakss, Sällik, Savi, Skara, Tralla, Vasar, Vētra and Viisimaa; an almost entirely new page on Cavara, with additional recordings, a new biography, and the most complete discography so far available of this superlative singer; the voice and picture of Gutauskas; completely new biographies of Antonenko, Jadlowker, Janutas and Sproġis; updated biographies plus pictures of Indra, Karask, Karrisoo, Kuusk, Lükki, Karl Ots, Püvi and Transky; an additional recording of Antonenko; the picture of Janutas. Last not least, we have now also Georg Ots and Benno Hansen as tenors.

An additional recording of, and some basic biographical information on Mollien.
New recordings (with label scans) of Chamlee, Crooks, Meader, Mummery, Bendinelli, Oppezzo and Tedeschi.
Additional considerations as to the total number of Otello performances sung by Del Monaco.

Another update to the Norman Harper page: of the previously undated concert, date and place could be traced; plus there's another picture and amusing story, about Harper's Otello dagger.

The articles written by Daniele Godor are back online, as far as still relevant and as far as compatible with this site's committment to seriosity. This chapter contains not only text, most articles come with their own sound files. One Godor text that is as yet missing although it will eventually return is his biography on Max Lorenz, to be incorporated into the Lorenz page as soon as the German tenors will be reproposed.
Another cast list has resurfaced: Rossini's Otello in the 19th century.

New to the site: Jacobsen.
Picture and career outline of Li Vigni, who has been moved from the Comprimari to the English section.
Additional recordings, with label scans, of Andrijenko and Miltschinoff.

Another exciting Norman Harper update: live recordings of two complete concerts have been found – ten selections from the (much) better of those two concerts are now presented here, among them a lied by a prolific 20th century composer of whose works not a single recording seemed to exist, until now: Eric-Paul Stekel.

New to the site: Lynch.

Further recordings, again all with label scans, of: Delcroix, Dubois, Gautier, Muratore, Nuibo, Planel, Pujol, Rambaud (great singing!), Orfjonov, Sirota, Coates, Peerce (elusive, desirable, anonymous early recordings), Albanese, Franco Lo Giudice, Rocca and Sangiorgi.

The Norman Harper saga continues: here's the story of his association with the Ring – Rubinstein's Ring, not Wagner's!

While I've been busy with the Russian and Ukrainian tenors for almost five months, a lot of other material has accumulated. Here we go:
- a spectacular upload on Norman Harper, now moved from the No Record to the English Speakers section – always thought to never have recorded, he did in fact, and Historical Tenors is proud to present his complete recorded output, along with a wealth of pictures, his biography, discography and an exhaustive outline of his stage career. This is stuff rarer than star dust! (The link to the baritone recordings will, like all baritone links on this site so far, not work until the Tenors in Disguise section is back online.)
- the picture of Damiro, and additional pictures of Uzunov, Cougé, Dran and Cadiou
- new singers on the site: Cheetham, Thorpe and Bispham
- additional recordings, all with label scans, of Delorko (a very good and sorely underrated singer), Tokatyan, Erik Schmedes, Polverosi, Louis Berthaud (delightful!), Capitaine, McCormack (with quite spectacular label pictures!), Titterton, Affre, Kingston, MacEwan and Pike
- a newspaper article on Todaro
- further information on the career of Tedeschi
- an addition to the discography of Gautier, with label scan.

The next batch of the oversized former "East European" section is back online: Russian and Ukrainian speakers, including several comprimari and singers who made no records. This section has been much updated; the Red Army choir soloists are not reproposed since I feel they don't belong into an encyclopedia of classical tenors, but above all, plenty of material has been added. We now have... pages on: Anikeev, Antonov, Beljaev, Belugin, Bobkov, Bojtsov, Boryshchenko, Burenin, Chesnokov, Dolgij, Dubrovets, Dubrovskij, Egorov, Evlakhov, Fedin, Fjodor Fedotov, Volodymyr Fedotov, Galkoŭski (aka Galkovskij), Gutorovich, Kachalov, Kadantsev, Kaluzhskij, Kartavenko, Kirichenko, Konyshev, Kudrjavchenko, Laptev, Mikhail Larin, Luder, Marchenkov, Valerij Mironov, Myrkotan (aka Mirkatan), Moiseenko, Naparin, Nevler, Orlenin, Pelagejchenko, Viktor Pishchaev, Platonov, Poljakov, Pronchev, Radzievskij, Roitman, Rozumenko, Rudkovskij, Samofalov, Samojlov, Samoshin, Shchavynskyj, Sheljuzhko, Solodovnikov, Srebnitskij, Steinberg, Stoljar, Surzhikov, Tatarov, Tkachenko, Tsarskij, Udalov, Ukrainskyj, Voskresenskij, Zaika, Zajchenko, Zakhodnik and Zhilkin
...almost new pages on Hershman (with a lot of new recordings), Mishchevskij, Puchkov, Radamsky (what a fascinating life!), Rostovskij and Syrovatko-Zolotarjov
...the voices of Balotsin (aka Bolotin), Glushakoŭ (aka Glushakov), Matvej Matveev, Mykysha (aka Mikisha), Neverov, Sibirtsev and Tretjak
...revamped biographies plus new pictures of Anatolij Aleksandrovich, Alekseev, Andrjushchenko, Atlantov, Babij, Balotsin, Bilynnyk (aka Belinnik), Grigorij Bolshakov, Gavrilkin, Gerlach-Rusnak, Grigoryev, Karavya, Kilchevskij, Gennadij Pishchaev, Pletenko, Ulyanov, Vasilyev, Vinokurenko and Vostrjakov
...updated or new biographies of Arkhipov, Bandukow, Borko, Mikhail Davidoff, Didyk, Fokin, Galouzine, Georgievskij, Golik, Grishko, Kulko, Sergej Larin, Laut, Mikhajlov-Stojan, Maxim Mironov, Mykysha, Ritch, Rogatchewsky, Rosing, Smirnov, Usmanov and Veljashev-Svetlanov
...(additional) pictures of Geft, Kravtsov, Ksendzovskij, Rosenblatt, Sibirtsev, Sobinov, Vesselovsky and Zasetskij
...revamped discographies of Nikolaj Bolshakov and Damaev
...additional recordings of Didyk, Georgievskij, Grigoryev, Khromchenko, Kilchevskij, Laut, Ognjevyj (aka Ognevoj), Rosing, Smirnov and Vlasov.
Additions to the Arnold listings: new pages on Terkal, Grigorij Bolshakov and Fjodor Fedotov, updated list of performances of Norman Harper, a review on the Arnold of Ferendinos.

An additional picture of Miltschinoff. New recordings with label scans: Martinez-Patti, Miltschinoff, Widdop, Graveure and Mullings.
The last (and best) of the text-only chapters is back: the phenomenal Arnold listings of François Nouvion – an attempt of listing all tenors who ever sang Arnold in Guillaume Tell since the 1829 world premiere, all performances they sang, with complete casts. A Mission Impossible, of course, but the necessarily incomplete results are fascinating enough. The chapter now includes a lot of updates: additional performances, completed casts, and totally new pages on Adams, Albelo, Alberti, Broulik, Ellinger, Gunz, Hymel, Tibor Kelen, Link, Georg Müller, Néqueçaur, Peschier, Riese and Sempere; plus new pictures of Fonteix jeune, Carrère, Abonil and Mérina.
A lot of additional recordings, all with label scans: of Raichev, Pattiera, Naval, Glynne, Oscar Ralf, Tedeschi, Oppezzo, Lanzirotti, Lara and Maison; a label-and-sleeve scan of McCormack.
A section with articles by various authors is back: most prominent among them is Joseph Shore (not only a remarkable baritone and deeply responsible voice teacher, but not least an excellent writer!), but there are also texts by François Nouvion and, particularly enjoyable, two witty and insightful articles by authors who preferred to remain anonymous.

Text-only again: the chapter Reviews & Recollections is back. It contained a lot of hopelessly outdated material, fights about websites that have long ceased to exist, reviews of CDs or CD-ROMs that have been unavailable for times immemorial and had been produced in so small quantities that most probably not a single specimen is still playable... all that is of course not reproposed; the rest of the section provides some most interesting reading, though.
Additional recordings, all with label scans: Miltschinoff, Anton Dermota, Orlandis. Updated discography of De Munnynck.
More text-only stuff, the smallest of all sections on the site: Wagner tenors during Wagner's lifetime.

A small chapter is back, no sound, this time, text only, but some great research work behind it: extensive cast lists of performances of eight operas with spectacular tenor roles, Il trovatore, Les huguenots, Otello, Robert le diable, I puritani, Iris, Ernani and Il piccolo Marat.
Additional recordings and label scans of Saint-Cricq, Cilla, Venturini, Williams, d'Oisly, Garbin, Carlo Ottolini, Krismer, Cornelius and Herold.
First amendment to the heirloom organization of this site: the oversized and confusing "East European" section is broken up into six manageable sections – the first of which is the newest chapter back online: the Balkan tenors, i. e. those from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia. New in this section: a page on Paçuku; additional recordings of Reja, Jelačin and Bojidar Nikolov; the biographies of Soljanich, Tagger and Mužek.
An additional picture of Zenatello. Additional recordings (with label scans) plus discography of Gautier; many further recordings and label scans of Lenghi-Cellini, Sardet, Galand, Lapelletrie, Dambrine, Tudor Davies and Charles Harrison.

New on the site: Cèbe. The historically always misfiled page on De Primo has been added where it belongs, to the French section. Pictures of Lenghi-Cellini and Williams. Discography, additional recordings and label scans of Hérent. Additional recordings (most with label scans) of Spivak (with discography update), Schipa, Pujol, Gluck and Rousselière. More glitches have been corrected: a few sound files could not be opened because of typos in the html code; this concerned one recording each of Holecek, Orlandis, Bergonzi, George Savelli, Capoul and Jussi Björling. Now, everything should work smoothly.

Another lot of updates: brandnew pages on Scopinich (recording, label scan, discography and chronology), Altéry (biography, pictures, recordings and discography) and Haley (recording and label scan); the voice of Sangiorgi; the voice, additional pictures and a new discography of Anzani; additional recordings, photos and label scans of Affre; discography, additional recordings and pictures of Albert Alvarez; additional recordings plus label scans of Malesci, Dambrine, Rayner, Perea, Lanzirotti, Crimi, d'Arkor (beautiful singing, and finally someone who knows how to pronounce Latin perfectly!), Helder and Régis; two more catalogue-with-hand-written-letter scans, this time of Ben Davies and Vaguet; and the picture of Van der Heyden.

A zillion of typos and layout glitches have been corrected throughout all sections. Even some picture links were broken!, and nobody ever adverted me. Please: in the sections that have been made available again, every tiny bit and file is in place – if anything results inaccessible, there's just a typo in the html code, so please be kind enough to send me an email and point out the mistake.
New reloaded batch: French speaking tenors, now including a page on LaFond. The page on Doniat has been revamped and also comes with several additional recordings. Further new features are: the voice of Oger; biographical notes on Moutia, AndrĂ© Jobin, Pierre Fleta, Casset, Cheyrat, Dugès, Gluck and Voisin; picture plus biographical notes of Gonet; updated discography of Bensa; revamped text on and one additional recording of Alagna. Some wrong speeds have been corrected, such as the file that made Galand sound like a bass-baritone. And of course, part of the upload are also the francophone tenors from the 19th century, those who made no records, and the comprimari (now with an additional recording – Nessun dorma – of Pottier, and updated biographical notes on Bonneval and Régis).
The page of Vilary was still missing from the Belgian section and has now been reinstalled. Furthermore, a playbill of Van Dyck has been added.
The times they are a-changin': Historical Tenors has been endowed with a Facebook page by my wife... go figure! Let's try and teach the Social Media crowd some basics about real (as opposed to modern) singers, hehe. On a serious note, that Facebook page is going to be useful for everybody, also for you: it's going to help select from the abundance of material in this encyclopedia, and it's going to provide interesting comparisons with contemporary tenors that I'm typically reluctant to include here (talk about snobbish attitudes).
Some hitherto missing pages have been reinstalled: Lamy and Todaro (now with short biographical notes) in the Italian, van Vrooman and Li Vigni (with biographical notes) in the comprimari and English speakers section, respectively, Laho in the Belgian section, Osselly among the Belgian "no record" tenors as well as Augustini in Secret Tenor Dreams.

A few further updates: additional recordings of Emilio Venturini; two more (positively horrifying) recordings of Sloman; the picture of John Harrison; a catalogue scan of (with a hand-written letter by) Edward Lloyd; recordings plus label scans of Galbiero, Fort, Martini, Hamlin, Peerce, Elwes, David Lloyd, Jagel, John Harrison, Coltham, Poul Schmedes, Erik Schmedes, Hybinette, Herold, Lennartsson, Cunego, De Bernardi, Braglia, Colli and Orlandis; label scans of Cornelius, Colazza and Armanini.
A fun chapter is back: Secret Tenor Dreams, i.e. non-tenors singing tenor. Its design has been changed so as to make it similar to the other sections (before, it had a totally different and rather ungainly appearance), the content is of course the same as before, plus there are two new pages on Valle and Eröd.
A couple of updates: new pages on Carne, Glynne and Watson; additional recordings (and their relative label scans) of Buti, Daddi, Piccaver, Pike, Lara, Lanzirotti, De Gregorio, Edward Lloyd, Reed Miller, De Lucia, Scalabrini, Hyde, Nash, Ben Davies, Williams, Matroiani, Gaetano Pini-Corsi, Borracelli, Althouse, Booth, Martin, Tom Burke, Titterton, Beddoe, Ziliani, Graveure, d'Oisly, Coates, Tudor Davies, Caffo and Crimi; updated discography of Isalberti; pictures and additional recordings of Forgeur.
Back online: the English speaking tenors, now with pages on Ford, Potts (with additional recordings), Hanek, Sloman (with an additional recording), Silver, Venezia and Wolverton (the latter with two new recordings, one of them adding to our Nessun dorma collection); the voices of (and enhanced texts on) Gentile and Lane, the biography and picture of Porretta III and Wilde, the biography and discography of Murgatroyd, the discography of Beddoe, the picture of d'Oisly, a new (better) picture of Donaldson, a completely new biographical text on Donato, the biographies of Crain, Curzi, Drost, Ferendinos, Flagg, Johns, Lakes, Lawrenz, Rosenberg, Sydney and Talbot, a new introductory text on Silverbörg, and revamped biographies of Simon O'Neill and Truhitte. The enigmatic, wrong (or incompletely) labelled and ultimately unidentifiable "Rapunzel" recording by Gerald Davies has been replaced by three musical pieces of known identity, one of them belonging into our Nessun dorma collection.
Further back online: the English speaking comprimari, English speakers active in the 19th century, plus those who made no records, now including a page on Halper.
A few additions in the Italian section: the biography, beautiful label scans, an updated discography and an additional recording of Lenghi-Cellini; further label scans of Scalabrini and Borracelli.

Lots of Belgian additions: spectacular material on Faniard: several additional recordings, among them two hitherto unpublished ones from the private archive of his son, his biography (don't be fooled into thinking you've read this biography on other operatic websites: this version is more complete and contains some informations that you'll find nowhere else), discography, career chronology, repertory, additional pictures and some newspaper clips; a completely new page on de Trévi, with bio- and (new) discography, pictures and many new recordings; a new recording, additional pictures, biography and updated discography of Descamps; further recordings, pictures, some career facts and (new) discographies of Gallins and Huylbrock; the biography, many new pictures and two additional recordings of Verteneuil; additional recordings and an updated and illustrated discography of Dehousse; updated discography, additional recordings and pictures of Swolfs; many new pictures of Delhaye; discography, career facts and more pictures of Rouffart; biography, discography and additional pictures of Anspach; career outline and additional pictures of De Guyse; career facts and updated discography of Blaimont; updated discography of Lheureux. Completely new on the site: De Munnynck, Weynandt and De Jonghe. Among the Belgian comprimari, we have an additional recording and an updated discography of Delrue.

There is also an addition of doubtful value in the Scandinavian section: a page on Wågsjö.
New, perhaps vital and certainly interesting information:
- site history
- site present, or you might call it the instructions for use – very important!
- site future, perhaps the most important of all: your contributions, please!!

Back online: the Belgian tenors; the Ansseau page comes now with his discography, more information on his career and many new pictures. Further back online: Belgian tenors who left no records, including an entirely new page on Arnold; Belgian tenors active in the 19th century; plus the Belgian comprimari.

I'm finally back at work on the website: the page on Nardelli has been entirely revamped. The formerly misfiled page on Carlo Bino has been relocated to the Italian section and enhanced with a short biography.
Running this website is unfortunately not my full-time job, although it could easily fill a full-time schedule... so progress is slower than what I'd wish it to be. Currently, I'm totally blocked for some months – the next uploads (it will be the Belgian tenors section) are only to be expected in March or early April 2019. But then, it's going to become better, and I'll steadily work on the website for almost the entire rest of the year. Stay tuned!

Two additional pictures of Bergman; a new and much better discography of Noval, who has been moved from the No Record to the Scandinavian section; the discography, filmography and additional pictures of Galliano Masini.

A new links page is online.

Back: the Scandinavian section, including the fantastic commented discography of Jussi Björling by Daniele Godor. Entirely new in that chapter: the pages on Niels Hansen and Poul Schmedes (both still prepared by François Nouvion but so far unpublished), on Pálsson and Vikström; short biographical notes on Blanc; updated discographies of Graarud and Ödmann. Also check the no record section for a few further Scandinavian tenors.

Two new Italian discographies: Del Monaco and Filippeschi.

Please re-check the no records section: a few names were erroneously missing from the index.

Italian additions: the voice, picture and discography of Roselli and Seri; a totally revamped page on Lugo, now with biography, discography and filmography, and with lots of new pictures; the picture and discography of Rocca; discography and additional pictures of Baroni; illustrated discography of Romeo Berti, plus his Esprits gardiens recording is now in correct pitch; revamped discography and additional pictures of Di Mazzei; discography and additional recording of Sembri; an additional recording of Valdarnini.

Back: Italian comprimari; Italian 19th century tenors; and Italian tenors who left no records (all three now also organized by geographic and linguistic criteria, like the rest of the site).
Entirely new is a fantastic, incredibly exhaustive page on Cardinali, François Nouvion's last article for this site, almost completed on his death. The page on Del Corso has been totally revamped. Short biographical notes on Marciano have been added.

Second reloaded batch: Italian tenors, the largest of all sections.
Entirely new: the page on Comacchio as well as the (admittedly offbeat and most probably dispensable) pages on Carrisi and Taormina; plus the page still prepared (but not yet published) by François Nouvion on Oneto; further the picture, chronology, biography and discography of Zonghi; the picture, chronology and discography of Lanzirotti, Re and Vaccari; the discography and an additional recording of Cibelli; the voices of Gasparini, Lupato and Marletta; the voice and picture of Verso; the picture of Lega; the picture and discography of Malesci; updated discographies of Polverosi and Sorrentino; updated chronologies and discographies of Siroli and Taliani; as well as – in some cases just very short – biographical information on Angione, Caruso Jr., De Santis, Stefano Ferrari, Lamberti, Ragonese, Rocca, Spruzzola Zola, Stuarti and Zulian. Further, the page on Maggi has been revamped and contains now also his discography. Quite a lot of sound files have been corrected in pitch, notably those of Zaccari (who sounded, at the chosen transfer speed, much like a boy soprano) as well as several Di quella pira recordings that had been tuned up to high Cs that the respective tenors never had sung. Finally, the (incomplete) Nessun dorma recording by La Scola has been substituted by an extremely similar but complete version.

New page: contact and disclaimer.

The first section to be reinstalled is Asian tenors. In that section, you'll find the complete uploads of François Nouvion; new additions are the short biographical information on Deng and the pictures of Nakajima, Shin and Wu; completely new are the pages on Chang and Dai.

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