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Reed Miller had a career as a concert and oratorio singer during the first quarter of the 20th century.

Miller began his career as a soloist in churches in New York City where he achieved a high reputation. He began appearing at major music festivals throughout the United States in the first decade of the 20th century. He was married to contralto Nevada van der Veer (1870–1958). Along with his wife, soprano Agnes Kimball and bass-baritone Frank Croxton, Miller toured the United States in the Croxton Quartet. He was also a member of the Columbia Stellar Quartet.

Miller is best remembered today for his contributions to the early days of recorded music. His first record dates to 1909 on Columbia Records. He went on to make recordings through 1923 with Edison Records (Amberola plates and cylinders), Pathé Records, Rex Records, Vocalion Records, and the Victor Talking Machine Company. He also made recordings with the Croxton Quartet for Edison and recorded several duets with Reinald Werrenrath (under the names of "James Reed & James F. Harrison" ) for Victor.

Reed Miller sings Martha: Lost, proscribed, with Frank Croxton

Reed Miller singsThe Bohemian girl: The fair land of Poland

Reed Miller singsOne sweetly solemn thought (Ambrose)

Reed Miller singsThe maid of the mill (Adams)
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