Fritz Bischoff

Fritz Bischoff singsTannhäuser: Dir töne Lob

Fritz Bischoff singsDie Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Am stillen Herd

About Bischoff's life, nothing is known (the date of birth "around 1882" is the usual Kutsch/Riemens estimate and not supported by any evidence).

But his career is fairly well-documented: a student of Julius Hey in Munich and Eugen Robert Weiss in Berlin, he had his first contract in Lübeck in 1906. For the 1907/08 season, he was in Kiel, 1908–12 in Düsseldorf, 1912/13 in Graz, and 1913–18 in Straßburg/Strasbourg (part of Germany at the time). From then on, he lived in Frankfurt as a free-lance tenor.

Guest appearances at the Court Operas of Berlin (1908 and 1909 as Lohengrin), Vienna and Munich, in Karlsruhe, Hannover, Wiesbaden, Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Köln and Amsterdam.

He was primarily a Wagnerian (Siegmund, Siegfried, Tristan, Tannhäuser, Erik, Stolzing), but sang also Manrico, Radames, Turiddu, Canio, Don José, Pedro or Mathias (Evangelimann).

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

I would like to thank Anton Bieber for the recordings and label scans.

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