Eduard Lichtenstein

Eduard Lichtenstein sings Gasparone: O dass ich doch der Räuber wär'
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Eduard Lichtenstein, born Karlovy Vary/Karlsbad, April 1st, 1889; died Hamburg, January 9th, 1953. A well-known operetta singer of the 1920s, he had earlier been an operatic tenor (comprimario and other light roles) from 1907 onwards (debut: Stadttheater Hamburg in Lortzing's Waffenschmied); after all, he was a pupil of Nikolaus Rothmühl. Being Jewish, he emigrated to the Netherlands in 1933, where he was a voice teacher at the Amsterdam conservatory. What is highly unusual is that he could stay in Amsterdam even during the later Nazi occupation – because he had meanwhile acquired Turkish citizenship!! He went back to Germany after WWII and continued to give concerts there.

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens
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