Evan Williams

Evan Williams sings L'Africaine: O paradise
In RA format

Evan Williams sings Stabat mater: Cuius animam
In RA format

Evan Williams sings Judas Maccabaeus: Sound an alarm!
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Born 1867 Mineral Ridge/Ohio, died May 24th, 1918 Akron/Ohio, he was from a Welsh family. He was extremely successful as an oratorio and lieder singer in the US and the UK; I don't think he ever appeared in opera. On record, he also used the nom-du-disque William T. Evans.

Evan Williams singsLohengrin: In distant land

Evan Williams singsHark, hark, the lark

Evan Williams singsMy pretty Jane

Evan Williams singsMentra Gwen

Evan Williams singsLittle boy blue
From his very first recording session, 2 February 1906.
Anton Bieber has provided the label scans and recordings of In distant land, Hark, hark, the lark, My pretty Jane, Little boy blue and Mentra Gwen, and the portrait picture. Thank you!

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