Felix Wagner

Felix Wagner singsLe postillon de Lonjumeau: Freunde, vernehmet die Geschichte
matrix 42 Zo
Felix Wagner, fringe tenor from around 1900, active in Berlin as per his record labels. But the only place where I could actually find him is Magdeburg, where in October 1897, a new program at the Cirkus-Theater was premiered. "Felix Wagner, operatic tenor" was announced on the playbill soon after "Miss Jenny and her pack of trained dogs", and immediately before "The Willuhn-Troupe, triple trapeze".

Picture source: Volksstimme. Sozialdemokratisches Organ für Magdeburg und Umgegend, 17 October 1897

Zonophone, Berlin, about September 1903
H40k	Rigoletto (Verdi): O wie so trügerisch 		22160 (7”)
H41k	Zigeunerbaron (Strauß): Wer uns getraut 	22161 (7”)
H42k	Postillon de Lonjumeau (Adam): Postillonlied 	22162 (7”)
42Zo	Postillon de Lonjumeau (Adam): Postillonlied 	X-22071
43Zo	Zigeunerbaron (Strauß): Wer uns getraut 	X-22070
44Zo	Frau Luna (Lincke): Lose muntre Lieder		X-22072

Lyrophon, Berlin, 1905
460	Spinn, spinn, dottern min (?)			S242
474	I rosens doft (Prins Gustaf)			S248
475	Du gamla, du fria (composer unknown)		S247
Discography source: Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien

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