Albert Watson

Polyphon called Albert Watson, on their labels, "First Tenor at Windsor Castle". He must have been a concert singer; I find him in Leeds in 1911 as the tenor soloist in Elijah. And in autumn 1908, he formed Madame Liza Lehmann's Concert Party together with Peter Dawson, Caroline Hatchard and Palgrave Turner; they toured the UK, performing exclusively Liza Lehmann's music (for instance in Exeter, Plymouth or Torquay).

Reference 1; reference 2: The Musical Times, 1 February 1911

Albert Watson sings Elijah: If with all your hearts

Albert Watson sings Die Schöpfung: In native worth


Edison Bell, London 1908
4150	The star of Betlehem (Adams)								Phona-Disc 287
4151	The holy city (Adams)									Phona-Disc 287

Grammavox, London, 1910 or 1911
2165	Semele (Händel): Where e'er you walk						D-86, D-113, Ariel 4197, Popular P-326, Popular P-406
2166	Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): On with the motley				D-87, Popular P-401
2193	The Messiah (Händel): Comfort ye, my people				D-128, Butterfly B255, Ariel 4198
2194 	The Messiah (Händel): Every valley shall be exalted 			D-128, Butterfly B255, Ariel 4198, Fortune 1810 (as "Arthur Allen")
2195 	Acis and Galathea (Händel): Love sounds the alarm 			D-129, Ariel 4197, Popular P-337
2196	Acis and Galathea (Händel): Love in her eyes sits playing	D-129, Ariel 4108, Ariel 4464, Popular P-337, Popular P-739
2219	Elijah (Mendelssohn): If with all your hearts				D-144 
2220	Die Schöpfung (Haydn): In native worth					D-144, Popular P-739
2231	Don't go down the mine, Dad (Geddes)						Popular P-51
2232	The miner's dream of home (Godwin)						D-156, Popular P-51

Grammavox, London, 1914
2294	Red Devon by the sea (Clarke)								Chappell 18

Kalliope, London, 1912
E1531	Excelsior! (Balfe), pt. 1 (w. Carr)							D7
E1532	Excelsior! (Balfe), pt. 2 (w. Carr)							D7
Polyphon, London, February 1913 Molly dear (Gould) 24226 5555 She is far from the land (Lambert) 24227 Mary of Argyle (Nelson) 24228 Meet me by moonlight alone (Wade) 24229 Reference: Michael Thomas' website; Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien
I wish to thank Anton Bieber for the recordings, label pictures and discography.

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