Alfred von Bary

18 January 1873 La Valletta – 13 September 1926 Munich

Picture of Alfred von Bary
His parents were from Munich, but the father, a medical doctor, had settled on Malta. He died on a Sahara expedition when Alfred was only four years old, and the mother returned to Munich with the children.

Alfred von Bary studied medicine like his father, and became a psychiatrist in Leipzig. In his spare time, he sang in an amateur choir, where his voice was discovered by famous conductor Arthur Nikisch.

Vocal studies ensued, and in 1902, he made his debut as Lohengrin in Dresden. It was a huge success, and he immediately embarked on a splendid German career, singing at all major theaters, and above all in Bayreuth (1904–14), greatly admired by Cosima Wagner.

He was a member of the Dresden opera until 1912; then he moved back to Munich, where he sang at the Court Opera, while also practicing as a doctor again. In 1918, the Munich opera cancelled his contract, both because of his vocal decline and of his rapidly worsening shortsightedness.


Alfred von Bary sings Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond
In RA format

Black G&T, 10", Bayreuth 1904
1136e Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond         2-42925 
1137e Die Walküre: Siegmund heiß' ich und Siegmund bin ich   2-42926

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