Heinrich Winckelshoff

4 December 1882 Cologne – 1951 Bad Godesberg

Heinrich Winckelshoff singsIm Rolandsbogen (composer: Paul Mania, who is also conducting)

Heinrich Winckelshoff singsFür dich allein (Geehl)

He studied violin in Cologne, then voice – the latter also in Italy. He made his debut, again in Cologne, in 1907, and stayed until 1918, then he sang opera as freelancer another two years. His repertory went from the Young Seaman in Tristan to the title role in Parsifal; it included Don Ottavio, Königssohn, Lohengrin, Froh, Fenton (in Falstaff), Turiddu, Pinkerton or the title role in Genesius by Weingartner. From 1910 to 1913, he took part in a complete Ring at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels.

In 1920, he joined the Reichshallentheater, once more in Cologne, which staged exclusively operetta. In 1926, he had to quit the stage because of health problems.

Just as important as his stage activity was his career as a lieder interpreter.

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Picture source


Parlophon, Berlin 1924-12-17
2-7774 Bonn (Bungert) 							P1835
2-7775 Für dich allein (Geehl) 						P1885
2-7776 Komm mit zum schönen, grünen Rhein (Warwas) 			P1835
2-7777 Heimliche Aufforderung (R Strauss); Liebesfeier (Weingartner) 	P1885
2-7778 Die Bajadere (Kálmán): O Bajadere; Der alte Kakadu (Ruck) 	unpubl

Parlophon, Berlin 1924-12-18
2-7780 Das Rheinwein-Paradies (Mania) 					P1965
2-7781 Im Wein (Mania) 							P1844
2-7782 Im Rolandsbogen (Mania) 						P1844

Parlophon, Berlin 1925-04-17
2-8081 Der Asra (Rubinstein) 						P1982
2-8082 Der Lenz (Hildach) 						P1948
2-8083 Frühling am Rhein (Palm) 					P1948
2-8084 Rheinisches Trinklied (Maass) 					unpubl
2-8085 Still wie die Nacht (Bohm) 					P1982

Parlophon, Berlin 1925-04-18
2-8088 Ewiges Wandern (Mania) 						unpubl
2-8089 Herzensfrühling (von Wickede) 					unpubl
2-8090 Mondnacht (Schumann) 						unpubl
2-8091 Widmung (Schumann) 						unpubl
Discography source: Robert Johannesson's 78opera.com (unfortunately defunct)

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