Rudolf Lustig

Program of Rudolf Lustig in Tristan und Isolde
Tristan und Isolde at Montpellier on the 9th of December, 1955

Rudolf Lustig was born in 1902 in Vienna, where he studied with Hermine Geyer prior to beginning his career in 1933 at the National Theatre in Weimar in the title role in Les contes d'Hoffmann. Following the war, he moved on to heavier dramatic parts in performances spanning the globe, often appearing with the major stars of the day, including Birgit Nilsson, to whose Isolde he was a frequent Tristan.

He also made several appearances with his wife, soprano Anna Palo, who was a member of the opera company in Aachen, where he finally settled for the remainder of his long life. He died in Vienna in October 1988.

Rudolf Lustig sings Tannhäuser: Stets soll nur dir mein Lied ertönen, with Birgit Nilsson
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I wish to thank Claude Ribou for the program.
I would like to thank Tom Silverbörg for the recording.

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