Franz Koblitz

Franz Koblitz sings Le postillon de Lonjumeau: Freunde, vernehmet die Geschichte
Franz Koblitz was probably born in 1906; since he began his career in Ustí nad Labem/Aussig an der Elbe in the 1930/31 season, and since Koblitz is a name typical of German speakers in Bohemia, I'm sure he came from there. His further engagements were in Dessau, Stettin, Zürich (1935/36), Mannheim, Nürnberg and Salzburg (1941–43). Whether or not he continued to sing after WWII still has to be researched, but he either stayed in or returned to Salzburg, where he taught voice at the Mozarteum academy from 1952 to his death on February 23rd, 1963.

Roles he sang included Don Ottavio, Tamino and Zinovij, which he sang in the very first German-language performance of Lady Macbeth Mtsenskogo uezda (Lady Macbeth of Mtsenk) in Zürich. He also sang a lot of operetta, particularly in his Salzburg years.

Reference 1: Annual report of the Mozarteum academy of music, 1962/63; reference 2: Kutsch & Riemens

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