Rupert Glawitsch

2 Dezember 1907 Ljubljana – 16 April 1981 Hamburg

I'm not 100 percent sure that he was a German speaker. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there were of course also German speakers in Ljubljana, where he was born. But his family name is a quite common Slovenian name (spelled Glavič there). On the other hand, his German diction seems faultlessly Austrian, so he is filed as a German speaker.

He was an electrical engineer before studying voice. For a few years, he sang on stage: in Jablonec/Gablonz, in Hamburg and in Bremerhaven.

From 1939, he was a radio tenor in Hamburg, singing everything from opera to pop songs. He was particularly successful in operetta.


Rupert Glawitsch sings Alzira: Ein Inka, o welche Freveltat
In RA format

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