Victor Carne

Victor Carne was a British concert tenor who made a few Vocalion discs as a young man; but after just a few years, he decided to end his career, and went over to the administrative side of the music industry, becoming one of the most important record producers ever, first for Columbia (where he discovered Josef Locke), then, and well into the LP era, for EMI, where he was responsible, among others, for all Tito Gobbi and Victoria de los Angeles recordings and hired George Martin, who was to become the legendary producer of The Beatles. Carne is said to have been a personal friend of Beniamino Gigli.
Occasionally, he would return to his old profession as a tenor, for instance for a Winterreise at Wigmore Hall in January 1943; and in 1951, he recorded the first complete tenor Winterreise, for Westminster, with Gerald Moore at the piano.

Reference: The Gramophone, April 1943

Victor Carne sings Macushla

Victor Carne sings Because

Victor Carne sings To Mary

Victor Carne sings Come back (Toselli's Serenata)


Vocalion London 1925 (w. piano)
		Drink to me only with thine eyes (trad)						X-9710
		For ever and ever (Tosti)									X-9710

Vocalion London 1925-12 (w. piano: Berkeley Mason)
04266X	Serenata – Come back (Toselli), violin obligato S. Kutcher	X-9726
04267 	Parted (Tosti)											X-9765
04268	Serenade (Raff), violin obligato S. Kutcher					X-9765
04269	To Mary (M. V. White)									X-9726

Vocalion London date unknown (w. orch.)
04540	The holy city (Adams)									K-05248
04541	The star of Bethlehem (Adams)							K-02548

Vocalion London 1926-12 (w. piano & cello) 
M-0193	For a kiss (Tosti)											X-9980
M-0194	O sole mio (Di Capua)									X-9949
M-0195	My dreams (Tosti)										X-9980
M-0196	I know of two bright eyes (Clutsam)						X-9949

Vocalion London 1928-06 (w. piano, celeste & violin) 
		Macushla (MacMurrough)								Broadcast 243
		Because (d'Hardelot)										Broadcast 243

Westminster London 1951 (w. piano: Gerald Moore)
WL 5087/8 (2 LPs): Winterreise (Schubert), complete recording
I wish to thank Anton Bieber for the recordings, label scans and discography.

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