Andrew Drost

Drost began as a ballet dancer; then, "after only two years of vocal study" (as he proudly states on his website), he was reborn as a tenor. Perhaps he should have studied a bit longer... For a few years, he sang at the New York City Opera and even at the Rossini festival in Pesaro (Il viaggio a Reims, 2006, role: Belfiore) – his European debut. Other venues where he appeared included the opera theaters of Atlanta, Sarasota and St. Louis.

Reading internet forums on opera is usually a waste of time, but there are exceptions: some Italian visitor of the 2006 Pesaro edition of Il viaggio a Reims wrote a brilliant review on a forum, where he stated: "Andrew Drost è un naso con un tenore al seguito" (Drost is a nose with a tenor in tow).

His career didn't last; in 2014, he was already on Broadway, singing small roles in The phantom of the opera, and worked as a voice teacher – primarily with aspiring pop and rock singers...
Andrew Drost singsIl viaggio a Reims: Nel suo divin sembiante, with Maria Kanyova

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