Herbert Schaefer

born 1942 Paczków/Patschkau

Herbert Schaefer sings Aida: Holde Aida
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Herbert Schaefer singsOtello: Keiner fürchtet den bewaffneten Feldherrn
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Herbert Schaefer singsTurandot: Keiner schlafe
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Originally, he was an engine fitter for the German state railway. After studies with, among others, Helge Rosvaenge and Max Lorenz, he was first a chorister in Bayreuth, Kiel and Berlin (Deutsche Oper), and made his solo debut in 1975 in Regensburg (as Lohengrin). For the next 21 years, he sang in lots of provincial German and Austrian theaters (Bautzen, Bielefeld, Coburg, Innsbruck, Kaiserslautern, Klagenfurt, Krefeld, Landshut, Mönchengladbach, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Passau, Reydt and Weikersheim, among others), but also in Zürich. His artistic homebases were: Regensburg (1975–77), Mannheim (1977–81), Würzburg (1981–84), Ulm (1984–91); last appearance: Magdeburg, 1996.

Like what's customary for provincial house singers, he had no clearly defined repertory, but dramatic roles prevailed: Alfredo, Manrico, Riccardo, Gabriele Adorno, Radames, Otello, Matteo, Bacchus, Herodes, Erik, Tristan, Max, Arnold, Hoffmann, Pedro, Grigorij, Shujskij, Faust, José, Florestan, Énée (Les Troyens), des Grieux (both Manon Lescaut and Manon), Nerone (L'incoronazione di Poppea), Rodolfo, Pinkerton, Cavaradossi, Calaf, Sou-Chong, and a few others.

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