Antonio Giuglini

Picture of Antonio Giuglini

Il tenore Giuglini al Teatro Italiano di Parigi

Let us come to the hero of the evening, Giuglini. On this occasion, the souvenirs of Mario and Tamberlick came up; here Mario was more dramatic, there Tamberlick gave his famous do; this one sang from the chest, this one sang from the throat. Finally Giuglini received an immense success. He is a stylish singer; he phrases with exquisite taste, he exaggerates nothing; and in the dramatic moments, he knows how to bring the public to frenzy. After his first act aria off stage, the audience had judged him. From that time on, Giuglini had conquered all sympathies. After the andante of the third act, he received a tremendous ovation. He had to repeat the aria. He was no less remarkable in the cabaletta that he sang with great fervor and warmth. The audience was waiting for the Miserere. Here again the audience marveled. He was barely finished singing that shouts of bis started. The second time, he was no less marvelous; nobody sings with more tenderness and suavity. At the end, he was called by name and he reappeared with his partners. Paris has confirmed the reputation of the celebrated tenor. Giuglini must be proud of the results as the public of the Italien is difficult and does not give their favor easily. Il trovatore was given five times; each time it was a triumph for the new tenor. Next I puritani, a work that is said to be one of the favorite roles of Giuglini. We do not think that he will sing more works as he was engaged for only twelve evenings. Il Pirata, 24 December 1859

Antonio Giuglini is dead. He died on Thursday the 12th at 10:00 AM sadly at the mental hospital of Pesaro. Il Trovatore, 20 October 1865

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