Fritz Klarmüller

18 May 1875 Jablonec nad Nisou/Gablonz – 26 November 1967 Weißenbach (Hesse)

He was a worker in the glass manufacture for which his home town is famous. After successful appearances as an amateur concert tenor, an industrialist from his native region made it possible for him to study voice in Dresden and Milano.

In 1901, he made his debut as Lyonel in Altenburg. 1902–04 in Wiesbaden, 1905/06 in Dresden, from 1907 in Mainz; then he toured Europe with an opera troupe formed and guided by Richard Strauss, and sang Herodes (alternating with Karel Burian). 1910–12 in Wrocław/Breslau, 1913–19 in Essen.

After that, his career was more or less over; he returned into his old job as a glass worker, but appeared as a guest at the theaters of both his home town and Liberec/Reichenberg until 1934.

In 1945, he was – like almost all Germans – forced to leave Czechoslovakia.

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

Picture source: Berliner Leben, 5th year/vol. 5 (1902)
Grammophon, Wiesbaden, 1901
797B Martha: Ach so fromm 42299 798B Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor: Horch, die Lerche 42998

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