Antonio Paoli

Picture of Antonio Paoli

Paris, Opéra, 26 April 1899, Bosman, Lafitte, Noté, ?, ?, Vidal (total 6)
Paris, Opéra, 10 December 1899, Bosman, Lafitte, Renaud,?, ?, Vidal (total 6)
Lisboa, São Carlos, 11 January 1905, Palermi, ?, Bouvet, Mariani, ?, Acerbi (total 4)
Torino, Chiarella, 5 January 1919, Quiatti, ?, Segura Tallien, Fossati, ?, Del Cupolo (total 6)

Jesús M. López in his Paoli book lists another performance: Paris, Champs-Elysées, 29 December 1899, Bosman, ?, Renaud, Chambon, ?, Lamoureux. This is utter nonsense; the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées was not even built yet in 1899, Le Figaro of December 29 does not list any performance of Guillaume Tell anywhere in Paris that day, and both Bosman and Renaud were singing at the Opéra in Sigurd that day.

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