Thorkild Noval

Noval as a baritone
Thorkild Noval, born May 18th, 1903, somewhere in Denmark; died March 1958. He studied in Rome as a baritone and made his debut as Germont in Paris in 1927. He restudied as a tenor in Berlin (where he had sung small parts at the Deutsche Oper Berlin) in 1933. As a tenor, he was both at the Staatsoper and Volksoper Berlin, next in Kiel, and in 1937, he came to Hamburg, where he was to stay into the post-war period, singing mainly lyrical parts (Almaviva, Tamino, Don Ottavio, Wilhelm Meister and so on), but also Alvaro. Noval became a quite well-known tenor in Germany. Strangely, he recorded classical music only in his early years as an excellent baritone, while still in Denmark – as a tenor, he just appeared on record in light music, primarily film songs.

as a baritone

private recordings, Paris 1927
Rigoletto (Verdi): Pari siamo
Ballo in maschera (Verdi): Eri tu

HMV, København 1927-10-13
Bk2413-1   Kongernes Konge (Bøn for Danmark) (Horneman)               		unpublished
Bk2413-2   Kongernes Konge (Bøn for Danmark) (Horneman)               		X2575
Bk2414-1   Paaskeklokken kimed mildt (Rung)                           		unpublished
Bk2414-2   Paaskeklokken kimed mildt (Rung)                           		X2575
Bk2415-1T1 Jeg elsker dig (Grieg)                                     		X2861
Bk2415-2   Jeg elsker dig (Grieg)				      		unpublished
Bk2416-1   Den store hvide flok (Laub)                                		unpublished
Bk2416-2   Den store hvide flok (Laub)                                		X2861

HMV, København 1927-10-14
Bk2424-1 I Danmark er jeg født (Rung)                                 		unpublished
Bk2424-2 I Danmark er jeg født (Rung)                                 		X2626, AL1274
Bk2425-1 Hvor Nilen vander Ægypterens jord (Rung)           	      		X2626, AL1274
Bk2425-2 Hvor Nilen vander Ægypterens jord (Rung)      	              		unpublished

HMV, København 1929-06-21
BE1735-1   Fadervor (Petersen)                                        		X3192, AL1206
BE1735-2   Fadervor (Petersen)                                        		unpublished
BE1736-1   Jeg lever og ved hvor længe fuldtræst (Berggreen)          		unpublished
BE1736-2T1 Jeg lever og ved hvor længe fuldtræst (Berggreen)          		X3192, AL1206
BE1737-1   Der er et yndigt land (Krøyer)                             		unpublished
BE1737-2   Der er et yndigt land (Krøyer)                             		X3373, AL1275
BE1738-1   Kong Kristian stod ved højen mast (Rogert)                 		X3373, AL1275
BE1738-2   Kong Kristian stod ved højen mast (Rogert)               	  	unpublished

HMV, København 1929-06-24
CE1751-1   Tannhäuser (Wagner): Wolframs sang til Aftenstjernen      		unpublished
CE1751-2T1 Tannhäuser (Wagner): Wolframs sang til Aftenstjernen      		Z194
CE1752-1   Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Figaros arie               		unpublished
CE1752-2   Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Figaros arie               		Z194

as a tenor

some Grieg song (unknown which one)				      		D 4055 assigned, but probably unpublished

Polydor, 1933
	   Das lachende Florenz (Raffaelli): Wir sind die Garde       		10136
	   Das lachende Florenz (Raffaelli): Du musst für mich geboren sein	10136

Fotopladen, September (?) 1934
100	   Farvel og Tak (Willum)						105-1, Epafon 100
101	   My dear little mother var gift med en Stodder (Willum)		105, Epafon 101
	   (both from film "København, Kalundborg og?")
102	   Altid et Smil i Øjet (K. N. Andersen)				103-1
103	   Kom til mig, naar du forelsker dig (K. N. Andersen)			103
	   (both from film "Skaf en Sensation")
104	   Carioca (Youmans)							102-1, Epafon 104
105	   Du har stjaalet mit Hjerte (Youmans)	(= Orchids in the moonlight)	102
	   (both from film "Carioca")
106	   Der er noget i Deres Blikke (Folke)					104-1, Danafon (without number)
	   (from film "Lynet")
107	   Sig mig, hvad du drømmer (Barry)					117
108	   Little man you've had a busy day (Wayse)				116
109	   Frøken Foraar (Willum): Først dig, saa mig, saa Maanen		115-1, Epafon 1151
110	   Hver Gang jeg ser paa dig, er jeg i Himlen (Willum)			115, Epafon 110
111	   Er min Kærlighed en Forbrydelse mod dig (Folke)			104
	   (from film "Lynet")
112	   I det lille Rige (Cornelius)						110
113	   Nu skal vi ud og slaa til Søren (Cornelius)				110-1, Epafon 113
	   (both from film "Barken Margrethe af Danmark")
114	   Alle Mand paa Dæk (K. N. Andersen): Højt paa en Raa			114, Epafon 114
115	   Alle Mand paa Dæk (K. N. Andersen): Jeg har en Ven			114-1
116	   Det er moderne Ungdoms Tango, lille Pige				116-1, Danafon (without number)

The discography was taken from (defunct) and – together with the label pictures – from the excellent site of René Aagaard, traced for our site by Christian Torrent.

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