Il titanico oricalco

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At last a new and useful book has been published on Tamagno. Its title is Il titanico oricalco, Francesco Tamagno. It is published by the city of Torino and the Teatro Regio. The book has many well known contributors:

Bruno Gambarotta, on the city of Torino during the youth of Tamagno
Rodolfo Celletti, on the tenor's voice
Giorio Gualerzi, on Otello and Tamagno
Giorgio Rampone, on Tamagno singing in Torino
Michael Aspinall, on Tamagno's records and a discography with Paul Lewis
Tom Kaufman, on a chronology
Luciano Tamburini, on Tamagno's tomb
Valeria Gualerzi, on documents regarding Tamagno (letters, pictures, librettos, costumes, etc)

Finally we have a long awaited chronology of Tamagno's appearances by the expert in the field, Tom Kaufman. The chapter by Aspinall has an interesting discussion on Tamagno's voice, while the discography also contains the vinyl pressing numbers of unpublished matrices pressed and published in England. The discography includes matrix numbers of unpublished records not attributed to Tamagno, but sung by an unknown baritone. This baritone can be heard on the Symposium CD dedicated to all known Tamagno's records. The book contains many fine photographs.

This book makes fascinating reading and is recommended.

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