Susana Salgado: The Teatro Solis. 150 years of opera, concert, and ballet in Montevideo

Wesleyan University Press, Middleton, 2003, 493 pages

Another great book on one of the great opera houses of the world. It has 202 pages of straight text going through the important events of the different seasons, including the political climate. It has many illustrations. The text also talks about the Teatro Urquiza (the other important opera house in Montevideo) when it is necessary and related to the Solis' seasons. I regret that the publisher did not want a combined book on all the opera Houses in Montevideo. Who is going to tackle the Urquiza? The book is completed by many appendices including a superb chronology, an index of artists, an index of works, a list of instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles and ballet companies that performed at the Solis. In short, it is a great book to have. Mike Richter reviews the book on Opera Japonica and he is very negative. He first states that the book is problematic for music lovers!!! Then he complains about the lack of correlation between the Solis and Urquiza, when it is very clear why the Urquiza is brought up. He goes on to complain about the lack of a chronology for the Urquiza, when the book is titled Teatro Solis!!! He also documents minor mistakes between the text and the chronology. Unfortunately those mishaps always happen. Mr. Richter makes also unnecessary remarks about the English of the author and publisher. For example, he assumes that "a great applause" is not English but "a great ovation" is, and so on. He has not much positive to say about this wonderful book.

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