Review of a book on Anna Moffo

Mario G. Genesi Anna Moffo, un carriera italo-americana
Lithografica Orione, Piacenza, February 2002, 493 pages

The book is very well researched. It has a very detailed straight text of her career up to the 1990s, a chapter on Moffo as a composer of songs, a filmography, a repertory list (huge by the way), a detailed chronology (I could not find a Traviata she sang in Zürich, but this is expected as a chronology can never be complete), a wonderful discography, an index and many photos. Rudi van den Bulck on Fasolt (defunct operatic website) complains that it is a fan book, so what. I cannot imagine somebody writing a good book on a singer he hates. Van den Bulck also complains that the book does not tackle in detail her problems, her marriages, but only hints at them. Personally I am glad. All in all, it is a good book.

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