Every year for Christmas, the Vocal Record Society of New York publishes a CD with an eclectic selection of different singers. The 1998 issue contains in the non-tenor department: Lydia Lindgren, George Baklanov, Eliette Schenneberg, Thomas L. Thomas, Deva-Dassy, Marie Kaiser, Rosetta Pampanini, the great Basso Paul Knüpfer, Susanne Dessoir, Rita Fornia, Sophie Braslau, José Beckmans, Sofia Preobrazhenskaja, Ferruccio Corradetti and Suzanne Cesbron-Viseur.

As far as it concerns tenors, the CD has some very fine items: Konstantin Isachenko singing a song by Gelmond on the Zonophone label. The only tenor I did not care for too much.

Licinio Francardi singing, very excitingly, an aria from Gloria: Pur dolente son io. I played his track five times in a row. Why he remained practically unknown, is a mystery, at least for me.

Edmond Rambaud singing Les stances by Flégier very nicely.

Ivan Kozlovskij singing the Hoffmann and Giulietta duet from Les contes d'Hoffmann, with Zara Dolukhanova. Kozlovskij is very exciting and does not exhibit the mannerism that he shows when singing Italian roles.

César Vezzani singing an exciting Israël, romps ta chaine from Samson et Dalila. It is a rare acoustic record that he did not double electrically.

Aaron Lebedeff singing, in Yiddish, Roumania, Roumania. It is very entertaining and delightful.

This is worth having.

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