Daniel Prohaska

born 28 March 1973 Frankfurt

Picture of  Daniel Prohaska
Prohaska was born into an Austrian-British family, and from 1989 lived in Vienna. He graduated from the City of Vienna Conservatory, specialising in operetta and musical comedy.

On stage, he appeared in straight theater, operetta, musical and opera (in opera usually as a comprimario: Pedrillo, Jacquino, Steuermann). He made the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich his artistic home, but sang also in Vienna (Volksoper), Graz, Klagenfurt, Dresden (Semperoper), Berlin (Komische Oper), Strasbourg or St. Gallen.

The below selection is from Künneke's Der Vetter aus Dingsda at the Vienna Volksoper, which was really a delightful production, nice light music, a hilarious staging, everything executed with ease and obvious joy on behalf of all the artists. Prohaska has no great voice and no great technique, and actually, already classical operetta roles are overstressing his vocal means – but in this very late operetta (almost a musical), he was just wonderful. On a sidenote, the equally brilliant conducting was done by the person who once sat at the school desk next to mine for four years, Alexander Drčar.

Daniel Prohaska sings Der Vetter aus Dingsda: Sieben Jahre lebt' ich in Batavia, with Rebecca Nelsen, Johanna Arrouas, Isabel Weicken and Carlo Hartmann

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