Karl Hauss

Picture of Karl Hauss
Karl Hauss was born on September 4th, 1892 in Strasbourg. After completing his secondary education, Karl worked as a journalist for his father's newspaper. Simultaneously, he studied singing at the Strasbourg conservatory, where the director was Hans Pfitzner. Karl was a soldier during the First World War. After the war, he made his debut in 1919 at Trier as Turiddu. That debut was successful, and Hauss was accepted to sing parts such as Max, José, Lyonel, and Tamino. In 1920, he made his debut at Karlsruhe as Rodolfo. The primary activity of the singer was at the Hannover opera, where he sang from 1926 to 1953. During 1927/28, he sang at the Berlin State Opera, and in 1929 at the Vienna opera (Manrico). In 1930, he sang at the Salzburg Festival in Rosenkavalier, and in 1931 at the Großes Schauspielhaus in Berlin as Hoffmann in a staging by Max Reinhardt. The singer was one of the first who recorded electrically in 1926 for Deutsche Grammophon. The singer died on September 27th, 1982 at Hannover.
Karl Hauss singsTurandot: Keiner schlafe
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Karl Hauss singsDer Rosenkavalier: Di rigori armato
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I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the picture, recordings and biographical notes.

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