Sebastian Hauser

22 December 1908 Kirchbichl (Tyrol) – 9 July 1986 Vienna

Hauser studied at the music academy in Berlin with Marcella Röseler.

He made his debut during the season 1940/41 at the Staatstheater in Braunschweig.

His career evolved as follows:
1941–43 Stadttheater Duisburg
1943–44 Deutsches Theater Prag (where the opera troupe of Duisburg had evacuated)
1945–47 Landestheater Salzburg
1947–49 Opernhaus Graz
1949–50 Stadttheater Heidelberg

In 1950, he became first lyrical tenor at the Städtische Oper Berlin. He stayed there until 1957.

The rest of his career, he sang as a guest only. In 1948 and 1949, he sang two performances at the Vienna Staatsoper (Radames and Duca).

His repertory included: Tamino, Erik, Narraboth, Bacchus, Ernesto, Alfredo, Turiddu, Pinkerton, Calaf, Faust, Fra Diavolo, Hoffmann, Vasco, Jeník, Grigorij, Alfred, Barinkay, ...

He recorded for Telefunken, Odeon, Urania (Prodaná nevěsta, Zigeunerbaron) and BASF (Wiener Blut).
Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

Sebastian Hauser singsProdaná nevěsta: Komm, mein Söhnchen, with Kurt Böhme

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