Stefan Zucker

born 1949 New York City

Tito Schipa recommends Stefan Zucker

Picture of Schipa's letter to Zucker

Some of his top notes sound like those of a higher-pitched Escalaïs.
Joe Pearce, secretary of the Vocal Record Collectors' Society
Stefan Zucker is the singing sensation of the century.
RCA Records
His sounds ... recall the ancient recordings of De Lucia and Anselmi.
Anthony Coggi, "The Operaphile", WFUV-FM
Stefan Zucker singsLa fille du régiment: Pour mon âme
In RA format

Stefan Zucker singsSenza nisciuno
In RA format
Zucker is a multitalent, he is the 'world's highest tenor' (according to the Guinness Book of Records), he is the owner of a big label for opera-DVD and -CD distribution and he is a moviemaker. His movie 'Opera fanatic' is a very nice and funny journey on which Zucker visits some of the great Italian divas of the 1950s. The question that Zuckers asks ("Why is there no soul in today's opera performances?") is interesting. Maybe Zucker should consider that it is not the soul missing but just a different taste that makes opera sound different from the performances in the 50s. While the movie is nice and Zucker certainly appears as a funny but likeable man, his singing is not so nice... He is able to create a truly unique sound though.
HT note: We cannot say that Zucker sings Senza nisciuno without soul. He once had a radio program in New York that ran up to 2 AM on Saturday. This program was heavily used by the New York opera clown Charlie Handelman to promote the sale of his poor quality recordings. To thank Zucker, Handelman and Rosen (another one who always called the program to comment on what was going on) later could not say enough bad things about Zucker on the web once his program no longer existed. By the way, those two clowns were the ones pretending that Tucker was a master of legato singing.
Zucker as a soprano
I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the recording (Senza nisciuno) and notes.

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