c. 1950

His first Otello, Toronto 1960...

...and after the performance

Norman Harper with his wife Nora, c. 1966

Norman Harper in his Paris flat, c. 1965

La damnation de Faust, 1964

Florestan, 1967

Lohengrin, 1965

Radames, 1967

Article on Norman Harper in Arioso, no. 8/1993

Norman Harper as Arnold

Norman Harper as Samson, Nantes 1965

c. 1967

c. 1969

Norman Harper in his Mers-les-Bains flat, 1977

Article in a November 1964 TV guide on the French television's Otello film with Norman Harper

Norman Harper and Hélia T'Hézan...

...and framing an unknown person

Otello on French National Television, 1964

TV Otello again, with Jean-Pierre Laffage, Andrée Gabriel and Hélia T'Hézan

another Otello TV film still

Many thanks to Matthew Sampson for the pictures (except bottom two) and articles.