Tano Ferendinos

27 November 1919 – 2 July 1993
Born aboard the ship of his father, a Greek captain who had married to Cardiff, he grew up first in Wales and then in Athens, where his Welsh mother was arrested during WWII by the Nazis for supporting Allied fighters, and his elder sister was even executed for the same reason. After the war, he studied voice, then moved back to Wales in 1947 and soon became an emerging opera star with crossover ambitions, but gave up his career early. He died in Athens.

Don't be confused if you read "Ferentinos" – that's the precise transliteration from Greek, while Ferendinos is how you pronounce it, and hence the British way of writing the name.

Tano Ferendinos sings La favorite: Spirto gentil
In RA format

I would like to thank Geoffrey Mallinson for the recording.

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