Avram Andreev

Avram Andreev is the singer who made the greatest contribution among the tenors from Plovdiv. Since his debut, the opera became the pillar around which his whole life revolved (during the 70s he was also involved in the administrative part of the operatical institution). Andreev is the modern operatic singer par excellence; he enriches the term with the universality of true professionalism and the idiosyncrasies of the well-established Bulgarian brand of operatic performances. Avram Andreev has toured the USSR, Poland, Yugoslavia, the German Democratic Republic, Belgium, Denmark and Spain. He also took part in numerous recordings for Balkanton.
Avram Andreev singsSnegurochka: Polna, polna chudes
In RA format

Avram Andreev singsL'elisir d'amore: Una furtiva lagrima, in Bulgarian
In RA format
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recordings and notes.

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