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1850 Toulouse – ?

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Tournié studied cello at the Toulouse Conservatory. When his voice was discovered he studied singing in Toulouse. He made his debut in 1873 at the opera in Béziers. It was quickly followed by his debut at the Grand Opéra Paris.

Paris, Opéra
Debut in 1874

Quickly thereafter, he sang in Amiens and Anvers before making his debut in Marseille.

Marseille, Grand Théâtre
Season 1874/5
Sang Robert le diable, Les huguenots, La Juive, L'Africaine, Faust
Guillaume Tell, May 14,1875
Le prophète, May 14, 1875 (total 4, last on May 30, 1875)
M. Tournié fit sensation Victor Combanous
Season 1881/2, other tenors: Valdéjo, Pellin, Degenne
Robert le diable on October 3, 1881 with Menu, Juliette Rey, Mme Hammann, Thévelin
Guillaume Tell on October 31, 1881 with Tournié had to replace Pellin after the second act trio when he left the stage after being booed
Guillaume Tell on March 14, 1882, with Roudil
Season 1883/4
Guillaume Tell, Grand Théâtre, December 6 , 1883
Robert le diable on December 14, 1883 with Pons (bass who was booed and sent packing, the police had to be called to clear the theater)
La favorite on December 23, 1883 with Mme Appia

Bruxelles, Monnaie
Season 1876/7, other tenors: Bertin, Pellin, Lemercier, Guérin, Masson
Aida on January 15, 1877 with Dauphin, Devoyod, Montfort, Mme Fursch-Madier, Mame Bernardi, Mme Blum, Dupont (total 46 perfomances)
Guillaume Tell
Season 1877/8, other tenors: Bertin, Lefèvre, Lemercier, Guérin, Masson
Les huguenots (for the season opening) with Fursch-Madier, Hamaekers, Devoyod, Queyrel
Guillaume Tell on December 1, 1877, with Faure
Cinq-Mars on January 11, 1878 with Devoyod, Lefère, Queyrel, Guillen, Mme Fursch-Madier, Mme Hamaekers, Mme Lurie, (total 14 performances)
Season 1878/9, other tenors: Rodier, Voulet, Guérin, Masson, Laurent (booed and sent packing)
Guillaume Tell, January 1879, with Faure
Season 1887/8 He decided to break his contract and was replaced by Engel.

During 1879–83, he toured the USA and Mexico: New Orleans, Cincinnati, Chicago, Philadelphia (with the DeBeauplan French Opera Company, New Orleans): Les huguenots on April 4, 1881 with Mlle. Lagye, Frederick-Samuel Feitlinger, Emilie Ambré, Suzanne Magdeleine Delprato, M. Jourdan, M. Momas; La Juive on April 5, 1881 with Mme. De Villeray, Suzanne Magdeleine Delprato, M. Jourdan, M. Pellin, M. Rossi,M. Moma; Aida on April 7, 1881 with Suzanne Magdeleine Delprato, Emilie Ambré, M. Rossi, M. Jourdan, Henri-Charles Utto, M. Momas; Robert le diable on April 8, 1881 Mlle. Lagye, Henri-Charles Utto, Suzanne Magdeleine Delprato, M. Escala, M. Momas New York, Brooklyn, Mexico City, ...

He visited New Orleans twice:
Season 1880/81 with the DeBeauplan Management Company. The company included: Messrs. Pellin, Escala, Utto, Mauge, Jourdan, Feitlinger, and Mmes. Ambré, Delpratto, De Meric, La Blache, Nicolopulo, Pilliard, Lagye and De Villeray

Tournié made his debut on the opening night, 8 Nov 1880 in Robert le diable, and appeared throughout the season, singing:
13 November Fernand
15 November Fernand
18 November Robert
20 November Manrico
22 November Manrico
23 November Fernand
25 November Faust
27 November Faust
30 November Faust
 2 December Raoul
 4 December Faust
 7 December Raoul
 9 December Raoul
11 December Faust
16 December Radames
18 December Radames
20 December Radames
23 December Radames
24 December Ange Pitou
25 December Faust
27 December Radames
28 December Ange Pitou
30 December Robert
  1 January Radames
  4 January Éléazar
  6 January Radames
  8 January Éléazar
 11 January Éléazar
 13 January Don José
 15 January Don José
 17 January Radames
 18 January Faust
 20 January Don Jose´
 22 January Éléazar
 23 January Masaniello, Act 2
 24 January Radames
 27 January Raoul
 28 January Raoul
 2 February Robert
 3 February Alfredo
 4 February Vasco da Gama
 5 February Vasco
 7 February Radames
11 February Radames
12 February Vasco da Gama
13 February -- at the Benefit of flood victims - Tournié played violoncello to accompany 
            Emilie Ambré, and sang Arnold, in Act 2 of Guillaume Tell
14 February Vasco da Gama
16 February Éléazar
18 February Romeo
19 February Raoul
22 February Roméo
23 February Radames;
24 February Don José
26 February Faust
28 February Radames
    2 March Faust
    3 March Vasco da Gama
    5 March Faust
    6 March Raoul
    7 March Masaniello, in Acts 2, 3, 4 of La muette de Portici
    8 March Vasco da Gama -- the opera scheduled for that evening had been "Aida", but 
            Mme Ambré had sprained her ankle in the "Huguenots" performance of 
	    March 6th, and  since she was thus indisposed, the program was changed at the 
            last moment to  "L'Africaine"
   10 March Éléazar
   12 March Raoul
1882 with the Defossez Management Company. The company included: Messrs. De Ermence, Puget, Delrat, Kastner, Jourdan and Kraitz, and Mmes. Hasselman, Panchioni, Fouquet, Bernardi, Geraiser, Belia

His re-entry came on the opening night of the season, 6 November 1882, when he was heard as Éléazar in "La Juive". 
Thereafter he continued to the end of the season, singing:

  7 November Duke of Mantua
  9 November Manrico
 11 November Arnold
 13 November Duke of Mantua
 14 November Éléazar
 16 November Arnold
 18 November Fernand
 19 November Ange Pitou -- The role was to be sung by Puget, but he was seriously ill. 
             In order to prevent the cancellation of the performance, Tournié agreed 
             to undertake the role, thus singing three leading roles in as many days. 
 20 November Faust
 21 November Fernand
 23 November Manrico
 25 November Faust
 28 November Alfredo
 30 November Masaniello (Acts 2, 3 & 4)
  2 December Arnold
  7 December Fernand
  9 December Masaniello
 12 December Alfredo
 13 December Benefit performance: Masaniello (Act 2), and Arnold (Act 2)
 16 December Le dauphin (Charles VI)
 19 December Masaniello
 21 December Manrico
 23 December Raoul
 25 December Le dauphin
 26 December Raoul
 28 December Fernand
 30 December Éléazar
   1 January Fernand
   2 January Duke of Mantua
   4 January Raoul
   6 January Robert
   8 January Robert
  10 January Arnold
  11 January Le Dauphin
  13 January Edgardo
  14 January At a mixed bill, he sang the duet 'O vous dont le puissant secours'
             from "La reine de Chypre" with baritone Delrat. In the same program, 
	     Tournié sang 'La Marseillaise'.
  15 January Edgardo
  16 January Raoul
  20 January Radames
  22 January Robert
  23 January Radames
  27 January Radames
  29 January Raoul
  30 January Arnold
  1 February Radames
  3 February Don José
  7 February Radames
  8 February Don José
 10 February Faust
 11 February Masaniello (Act 2) (mixed bill)
 13 February Radames
 15 February Raoul
 16 February Arnold (Act 2), and Radames (Act 2) (mixed bill)
 17 February Vasco da Gama
 19 February Vasco da Gama   
 20 February Radames
 22 February Tournié's benefit performance: Jean de Leyde (acts 3 & 5), Radames (act 3)
I wish to thank Jack Belsom for the New Orleans information.
New York 1881 with the DeBeauplan Management Company
Les Huguenots
The singers strike for non payment of salaries
Tournié elopes with the soprano Mme. Ambré

Mexico City, Teatro Nacional
Guillaume Tell on April 7, 1883, with Fouquet and Delrat
On 25 March 1883, a new opera company started a season with French singers at the Teatro Nacional. It was organized by A. J. Défossez. The singers were: Mlle. Fouquet, Mlle. Hasselmans, Mme. Bernardi, Mme. Bella, Mlle. Lholia and Mmes. Coudray, Rebolisy, Kasteneer, Cadic and Martin. They offered: La petite mariée, by Lecocq, Il trovatore with Tournié, Delrat, Jourdan, Coudrai, Fouquet and Bernardi; Les huguenots, with Hasselmans, Jourdan, etc. La Juive, Hamlet, Guillaume Tell, Muette de Portici, Aida, Zampa, L'Africaine, Faust and Robert le diable, alternating with operettas like Les cloches de Corneville, Le jour et la nuit, La mascotte and others.

Note: La Juive and Hamlet were first performances in Mexico, but the public did not like them.
Reference: La tradición operística en la Ciudad de México (Siglo XIX), by Ramón Pulido Granata (México, 1970). Translated by Juan Dzazópulos.

After returning to Europe, Tournié sang in the French province.

Toulouse, Capitole
Season 1884/5
Season 1885/6
Season 1886/7
Season 1888/9
Robert le diable
La favorite
Les huguenots
Season 1889/90
Season 1890/91
Un heure de mariage on May 20, 1891 with Dupuy, F. Boyer, Mme Bernard-Daram, Mme Douau
Season 1891/92
Samson et Dalila with Mme Doninici
La fille de Madame Angot
Season 1892/3
Season 1894/5
He was appointed director of the Capitole. He was also director in Lyon and Nantes. His spouse Mme Ribes-Tournié was a soprano.

His repertory included: Éléazar, Cinq-Mars, Faust, Edgardo, Radames, Arnold, Duca, ...

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens, books on Marseille, Toulouse, Bruxelles, Paris, Philadelphia, New Orleans.

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