Comprimarii Index

At one time, comprimario roles were sung by singers with real voices. Now even for major roles, many of the singers have no voice at all.

Belgian tenors Cordier, Delrue, Dua, Fleming, Malengreaux, Mayer

English speaking tenors Charles Anthony, Carter, Clark, John Dickie, Murray Dickie, Franke, Grobe, Raynor, Thaw

Italian tenors Andreolli, Bada, Bontempi, Carlin, Mariano Caruso, Cesarini, Cilla, Daddi, Del Signore, De Palma, De Paolis, Di Tommaso, Frascati, Enrico Giordani, Guggia, Marciano, Mercuriali, Nessi, Nobile, Pandano, Gaetano Pini-Corsi, Riccardi, Sala, Savastano, Scarlini, Vanni, Venturini

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