Comprimarii Index

At one time, comprimario roles were sung by singers with real voices. Now even for major roles, many of the singers have no voice at all.

Belgian tenors
C	Cordier
D	Delrue, Dua
F	Fleming
M	Malengreaux, Mayer

English speaking tenors
A	Charles Anthony 
C	Carter, Clark
D	John Dickie, Murray Dickie
F	Franke
G	Grobe
R	Raynor
T	Thaw

Italian tenors
A	Andreolli
B	Bada, Bontempi
C	Carlin, Mariano Caruso, Cesarini, Cilla
D	Daddi, Del Signore, De Palma, De Paolis, Di Tommaso
F	Frascati
G	Enrico Giordani, Guggia
M	Marciano,  Mercuriali
N	Nessi, Nobile
P	Pandano, Gaetano Pini-Corsi
R	Riccardi
S	Sala, Savastano, Scarlini
V	Vanni, Venturini

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