Louis Delrue

Delrue was a second tenor who sang at la Monnaie for two seasons. He is not to be confused with Louis Deru (Also a tenor, born in Verviers who sang at Covent Garden, Verviers, Boston, etc).

Season 1907/8
Tristan und Isolde on May 11/13, 1908? as Melot with Carl Burrian, Paul Bender, Marie Wittich, Karl Leidstoem, Mme Matzenauer, Felix Mottl
Season 1908/9
Monna Vanna on January 27, 1909 as Borso with Verdier, Jean Bourbon, Étienne Billot, Georges Petit, Hiernaux, Lina Pacary, Henriette De Bolle, Sylvain Dupuis (total 14 times)
Katharina on February 27, 1909 as Urbain with Louis Lestelly, André Morati, Georges Petit, Henri Artus, Galinier, Raymond Hiernaux, Raymond Nandès, La Taste, Apponius, Delaye, Claire Croiza, Jeanne Bourgeois, Juliette Lucey, Sylvain Dupuis (total 17 times)
Louis Delrue sings Rigoletto: Comme la plume au vent

Zonophone 1907?
X-82734     Lohengrin:  Da voi lontan 
X-82735     Rigoletto: Comme la plume au vent
X-82738     Chanson des gars d'Irlande
X-82739     Angelus de la mer 
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the recording.

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