Joseph-Antoine-Charles Couderc

March 10, 1810 Toulouse – April 16, 1875 Paris

Picture of Ch. Couderc
In 1829, Couderc studied at the Paris Conservatory with Louis Nourrit.

In 1834, Couderc made his debut at the Opéra-Comique als Rodolphe in Le petit chaperon rouge by Boieldieu.

He had immediately great success and stayed there until 1842 as first tenor. At the Opéra-Comique, he sang in several world premieres: Daniel in Le chalet by Adolphe Adam (on September 25, 1834 with M. Inchindi, Félicité Pradher),
Georges in L'éclair by Halévy (on December 16, 1835 with Amélie Miro-Camoin, Jean-Baptiste Chollet, Félicité Pradher, née More),
Bénédict (L'ambassadrice by Auber on December 21, 1836 with with Laure Cinti-Damoreau, Monsel e Eléonore "Jenny" Colon, Marie-Julie Halligner, Théodore-Étienne-François Moreau-Sainti, Roy),
Horace in Le domino noir by Auber (on December 2, 1837 with Laure Cinti-Damoreau, Merthaud, Mme Boulanger, Olivier, Théodore-Etienne Moreau- Sainti, Honoré Grignon, Roy, Berthier),
Rodolphe in Zanetta by Auber (on May 18, 1840 Laure Cinti-Damoreau,Mme Rossi, Ernest Mocker, Honoré Grignon, Charles-Louis Sainte-Foy, Emon Haussard),
Don Henrique in Les diamants de la couronne by Auber (on March 6, 1841 with Sophie Anne Thillon, Celestine Darcier, François-Louis-Ferdinand Henry, Toussaint-Eugène-Ernest Mocke, Achille Ricquie, Charles-Louis Sainte-Foy, Louis Palianti),
La double échelle by A. Thomas (on August 23, 1837).

In 1842, he moved to the Monnaie in Bruxelles and sang during the following years also in London.

Monnaie, Bruxelles
Season 1843-4
Other tenors: Laborde, Soyer, Millet
Debut on July 26, 1843 in Les diamants de la couronne
Le début le plus intéressant fut celui de Couderc, début laborieux, car le grand artiste fut reçu d'abord avec une sorte de défiance, et ne parvint que plus tard à conquérir l'entière faveur du public.
August 29/September 29 La part du diable by Auber as Rafaël with Zelger, Mme Guichard, Mme Villiomi-Laborde
February 26, bénéfice Couderc, first performance of Frère et mari, opéra comique by Clapisson, and Mademoiselle de Mêrange, opéra comique by Potier

Season 1844-5 Other tenors: Laborde, Bonnamy, Soyer, Gavaudan, Philippe, Victor, Lemaire, Millet
August 21, first performance of La reine de Chypre by Haléy with Laurent, Laborde Mme Julian
November 18, benefice Couderc, La sirène with Mme Laborde, Soyer Victor Bellecour
April 15, benefice Mme Guichard, Les mousquetaires de la reine by Halévy with Soyer, Zelger, Baldy, Millet, Mme Laborde, Mme Guichard, Madame Biacare

Season 1846-7 Other tenors: Laborde, Mathieu, Boulo, Soyer, Philippe Gavaudan. Michel, Lemaire. Millet
June 30, bénéfice Couderc, with Massol, Lucie de Lammermoor, Charles VII

Season 1847-8
Other tenors: Laborde, Dufresne, Julien, Suter, Philippe, Gavaudan, Michel, Lemaire, Jouart

In 1850, he came back to the Opéra-Comique Paris as a baritone. There he sang in the following world premieres:
Le songe d'une nuit d'été (by Ambroise Thomas as Shakespeare on April 20, 1850 with with Sophie Grimm, Constance-Caroline Faure-Lefèbvre , Jean-Jacques Boulo, Eugène Bataille),
Pique Dame (by Jacques Fromental Halévy on December 28, 1850 with Charles-Amable Battaille, Jean-Jacques Boulo, Ricquier, Delphine Ugalde),
Le Nabab (by Halévy on September 1, 1853 with Caroline Miolan-Carvallo, Charles-Auguste-Marie Ponchard),
Les chaises à porter (by Victor Massé, on April 28, 1858 with Charles-Marie-Auguste Ponchard, Marie-Charlotte Lemercier, Prilleux),
La Circassienne (by Auber on February 2, 1861 with Mlle Monrose, Achille-Félix Montaubry, Paul-Pierre-Marie-Henri Laget),
Le capitaine Henriot (by F. Auguste Gevaert on December 29, 1864 with Léon Achard, Mlle Bélia, Célestine Galli-Marié, Charles-Marie-Auguste Ponchard, Eugène Crosti),
and Mignon (by Thomas as Laërte on November 17, 1866 with Célestine Galli-Marié, Marie Cabel, Léon Achard, Bernard Voisy, François Bernard, Davoust).

Previously, he sang Joseph in Joseph by Méhul, now he was singing Siméon. He took up more and more buffo and character roles such as Jean (Les noces de Jeannette on February 4, 1853 with February 4, 1853 with Caroline Miolan-Carvalho, Mme Begat, Louis Palianti), Pathelin (Maître Pathelin by Bazin on December 12, 1856 with Jean Berthelier)
and Pompéry (Le voyage en Chine by Bazin on December 9, 1865 with Alexandrine Cico, Mlle Révilly, Charles- Louis Sainte-Foy, Charles-Marie-Auguste Ponchard, Prilleux).

In 1865, he was named Professor at the Conservatory. Because of health reasons, he had to stop and returned to teaching in 1866 until 1870. His students included Étienne Dereims, Jules-Célestin Devoyod and Pierre Gailhard. During that time up to 1870, he still sang at the Opéra-Comique.

During the siege of Paris by the Germans, he voluntereed in the army.

His health detoriated further and he needed care until his death.

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